Whey + Flax ok?

In fitting into JB’s P+C/P+F regime for leaning out, is it going to make a difference what type of protein I use for the P+F portion of the mix? I know that there was something debated about how Whey may or may not be ok mixed with fat due to some insulin raising properties.
Does anybody have any insight??

I could of sworn that this was covered before, but I could not find it…

Peri, lots of people add their EFAs to their protein shake. I think it makes a good P+F combo.

I think what’s being suggested is that whey is an easily/quickly digested protein. Straight whey actually makes for a good post workout drink. Adding casein (like you find in Grow!) makes for more of a sustained release type of protein, the kind you would want before going to bed.

Don’t sweat it, Peri. If you’re taking the time and effort to combine your food properly, if you’re eating protein every meal and working out hard, you’re doing a lot of good things, and you’re body should respond positively.

TT, thanks for the reply! I figured that this was something right up your alley!

I wanted to use the whey for my “later” meals combined with flax.
Currently, I do the German Body Comp workout 3 mornings/ week (4:30am) and cardio 2 other mornings. However, after reading Joel Marion’s post on the new RRD workout, I am thinking that this may be more conducive (time wise) to do cardio more often throughout the week (as seeing that the workouts are shorter - lending to more cario time). I have a pretty tight schedule during the work week, but I also am trying to get rid of the fat-body look for my vacation (first week of August). I was re-inspired by the guy from “reader mail”. He was definitely someone that I can relate to (body style). So it was good to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Peri, you’re right. There’s a lot of inspiration (not to mention INFORMATION) here on T-Mag. Check in daily to restock your supply! (grin)