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Whey + Fat = Casein?


I'm a college student who tries to be as economically smart with my supplements as possible. I was wondering if combining my whey with a fat source would be the same as using a casein supplement? The main difference between casein and whey is obviously the absorption rate and the added fat to my whey would have a similar if not the same effect. no?

thank you for any help


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I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way. Casien takes up to 8 hours to digest. Whey takes up to 30 minutes to digest. I cant see how adding fat would extend the digestion period for whey anywhere near 8 hours.


whey and casein are two different proteins with different amino profiles. fat might slow the release, but would not turn whey into casein.


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Casein is of a very similar price as say a whey concentrate or isolate.


Whey + Fat = Casein + 2009 = Frowny Face


I think you guys misunderstood though. He's asking if adding some fat to his whey shake would slow the absorption/digestion similar to the absorption/digestion rate of casein. Not that fat will turn whey into casein.

OP- as far as I know, yes. Adding fats like peanut butter to your whey should slow down the absorption/digestion. Probably won't be as slow digesting as casein, but it should do. I've been told about this by a few of the hyyyooge guys at my gym, when I asked what casein should I get.
But then again, don't take my word for it cuz "i iz a tiny ni99a" and the guys who told me that were probably "dumm meatheadz"

I would like to see someone more knowledgeable about the topic chiming in on this.
Bill Roberts? BBB? Anyone?


If you're looking for cheap casein, try looking for, well, cheap casein. If that fails, how about cottage cheese, or even just milk? (milk protein is majority casein).


Yes fats will slow the digestion of whey, but it still will not be anywhere close to 8 hours.


Personally I add EVOO to my whey shakes for that exact reason. I'm eating every 2 hours so I am not looking for it to last 8 hours, just long enough to keep me full until the next meal. When it's bed time I have whey, cottage cheese and natty PB.

I am also a college student and this fits perfectly into my budget and serves the same purpose.


taking in a bunch of fiber along with it might slow things down a bit too. But I'd go for the cottage cheese.


Yeah, alot of people take EVO and Whey before bed instead of casein.


WHile fat would slow the digestion (I've done similar things in the past when I've been pretty broke), you could also just opt for solid food pre-bed which would also take longer to absorb.



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Whey hydrolysate can take 30 minutes to get into your system. Whey Concentrate and Isolate can take 60-90 minutes to do it.


Thank you for the feedback, and no i didn't mean that by adding fat to whey, it's amino profile would change. I was just looking for a cheaper way to get a similar effect and you guys suggested some helpful options. Thanks again.