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Whey & Creatine, What Brand?


I have two questions regarding both of these.
1. I currently have both and use both, but which one actually makes bigger gains in strength and size?
2. Is the body fortress brand a good or decent brand?

If not what brands should I get, there ins t a GNC anywhere near here so I got to buy the stuff at Walmart...


Simply consider whey a convenient source of protein. Basically, you should be trying to eat a certain amount of protein per day. Use a combination of whole food sources and protein shakes to reach that number.

In terms of "special" characteristics which would make whey protein different from other proteins would be some of the immune boosting benefits of the whey, in addition to its speed of digestion, making whey a good choice to use first thing in the morning, pre workout, post workout (although it is still slower than whey hydrolysate, which is ideal after a workout.) You can also just have a shake with your meals to bump up the protein content.

Just don't think of it as some special musclebuilding super supplement. Its just food. Caloric intake is of paramount importance when gaining size, and all the whey and creatine in the world isn't gonna put lots of muscle on you if your overall calorie intake is too low.

Creatine can help you work harder in the gym, whey protein can help you get enough protein per day, both will help you gain muscle if everything else is in place.

I personally would not use any supplements sold at Wal-Mart. I don't know if you have the ability to buy products online, but Biotest...the company behind this site, hint hint...makes an economical whey that is high quality.


Protein is more important overall. Creatine just gives you more energy.

If you can get enough protein from your diet, then get a tub of creatine monohydrate. It's relatively cheap and it's all basically the same shit, so don't worry too much about the brand name.


You can't beat the price or quality of the Brand sold right here on this website, Biotest. Ordering from here is fast and easy. A credit card shouldn't be an issue for anybody these days, you can get one at Wal Mart now, load your money on it and place your order.

I get worried if my order takes 3 days to get here, and I live in a rural Texas Town. Usually, if I order Monday, I'll get it Wednesday, but sometimes I'll get it the next day.


Whey is not going to make strength and size gains on its own. It is food.

Creatine is a food derivitive and while it will help with strength endurance, and will make your muscles appear a bit fuller, it is not magic either.

Both can contribute to meaningful training sessions that will lead to increased size and strength.

If I really could only buy one I would pick whey because I feel having an easy, quick digesting, protein supplement is more important than the boost from creatine (which can be found in beef, though you have to make beef a regular part of your diet).

Now, it is worth noting though that creatine is quite cheap and I would definately try to make room for both. Creatine monohydrate from Biotest (available at the webstore on this site) which is of the very highest quality is only $12 for 100+ servings. It is about a 4 month supply for $12. Cheap and effective.

Biotest offers a good quality whey (Grow!) and an impressive whey-casein blend (Metabolic Drive). If you want quality and can afford it I would go with Biotest on whey also and choose Metabolic Drive. If money is a big issue then Grow! is a good value while still getting whey from a quality source.


Body Fortress is crap. It's a Whey Protein Concentrate/Isolate blend -- there's nothing wrong with these products, but you could be doing a hell of a lot better. So far as Whey goes, WPC is at the bottom of the hierarchy. Provided you have decent financial wiggle room, there's no good reason to limit yourself to this product.


Thanks for the posts, I have seen decent gains, especially after the 1st workout. I added 20 pounds to my bench in 1 day, so that was awsome. I think I'll just finish off what I got of the creatine and whey protein, then orser some offline.

Just I couldnt buy creatine because my mom thinks it will kill/harm me. I researched it alot and showed her, but she is stubborn. Im only 15, so ill try to order some in a bit after my funds get higher(girls)...


you know I hear that Biotest brand is alright, but don't tell anyone on this site that...


Biotest is the only brand that doesn't give me the creatine shits.

Just my $.02.


"Creatine shits?" I have no idea what those are. Is that even something people in general should be concerned about?