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Whey, Cornflake and Pineapple shakes?

In a recent message someone wrote that Charles Poliquin would drink 3 Whey, Cornflake + Pineapple juice shakes a day after training. Does anyone have any specifics on this shake?

In a seminar I went to, he talked about grape juice and corn flakes. He would use both in a post-workout shake mixed up in a blender. Just balance the carbs out equally between the corn flakes and the juice and base the overall carb intake on Poliquin’s formula (according to how many reps you did in the workout). I found the taste pretty bad so I just drank my grape juice/protein shake and ate some corn flakes (dry) post workout. Works pretty good.

I have never heard of that shake, however i got this shake idea from Poliquin.

For post workout:

  • 2 scoops of Champion Nutrition Metabolol II (orange smoothie)
  • 1 scoop of Cytomax (orange)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla GROW!
  • Handfull of ice cubes
    Mix that up in your blender. Its the best shake i ever had.

At a recent seminar in NY, Charles talked about his post workout formulas at quite some length. For protein, obviously whey is the way to go (no pun intended) due to its faster absorption rate. For the carbs, use dextrose/glucose for fast acting, and add maltodextrin as needed for glycogen replenishment over a longer time. Another thing he is BIG on is glutamine supplementation, which can be added to the post workout shake. He regularly has his athletes take up to 80g a day of the stuff!!

Well the corn flakes would have to be in there because of their high glycemic rating, and although pineapple juice is a low glycemic one, maybe this is included as a balancer so to speak, similar to Twin’s Ultra Fuel which is a maltodextrin/fructose combo. Incidentally the late Dan D. used to recommend Corn Flakes post-w too.

Thanks alot for the replies everybody. If anyone has any other tips about this shake or any other shakes you reccommend please let me know. Thanks very much.

This was not a shake that he regularly recommends. I learned this from his seminar in Las Vegas. It specifically was talked about when he needed to gain weight quickly when his wife left him. It was combined with working out 3 times a day!

Could the pineapple be included in the shake because of the enzyme bromeline(sp?)? I know that if you have a lot of muscular soreness that doing a ‘pumping’ workout with light weights on the body part that’s sore and then eating some pineapple makes the soreness go away everytime.

I never thought of that. Makes sense though, since bromelain is sold and marketed as a natural anti-inflammatory (a lot of people with Old Arthur (arthritis) use it for this very reason.

I’ve heard that only fresh pineapple has that benefit. Do you think canned pineapple juice is still high in bromelain?

I dunno. You could probably make a case either way but I would say the pineapple juice is in there to provide a slower release carb to complement the cornflakes/whey. You would think that pineapple juice would be sky-high glycemic but I remember in an old Duchaine article called “Constantly Craving” that there is some type of acid in pineapple juice that delays absorption. I’ll say one thing, pineapple juice, a tad of crushed pineapple and coconut extract mixed with Vanilla Grow is some kick-arse stuff! Anyone ever try this? Like an alcohol-free Pina Colada.

At the seminar in NY that I attended, Poliquin stated that this shake causes such a spkie in insulin that it will put the user to sleep within 30 minutes. this is precisely what he wants and uses it on athletes/actors when they have to put on a large amount of weight(i.e. 15 pounds) in a short amount of time( i.e. 1 month). this is addition to 2 or 3 high intensity workouts per day. the sleep is need in order to perform the following workouts and to recover from the previous workout. He doses NOT recommend this to someone who has a life to live after he/she works out and cannot afford to fall asleep.