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Whey Concentrate vs. Whey Isolate


So this Hugo Rivera fellow in his little email course writes this about supplementing with whey....

Also, all whey is not created equal. The whey that will give you the benefits described above has to be micro-filtered. Otherwise, it is just the garbage left after pasteurizing milk. Micro-filtration than has to be done at very low temperatures in order to allow for the production of high protein contents with no undenatured protein, minimum fat, minimum cholesterol and minimum lactose.

ii) Isolates & Concentrates
In addition, there are whey isolates and whey concentrates. Whey isolates are sub-fractions of whey that are absorbed much more rapidly into the system. This is a good thing for post workout nutrition as at this time the body is in dire need of amino acids. However, whey isolate makes a poor choice for during the day supplementation as if the body does not have a need for all of the amino acids that are released into the bloodstream, then it will use them for energy production as opposed to muscle building.

Also, it is important to mention that whey isolate does not have many of the health enhancing properties that are described above, as the expensive process required to produce whey isolate destroys many of the health/immune system enhancing sub-fractions such as the lactoferrins, beta-lactoglobulins, and immuno-globulins.

Therefore, for during the day use, a product consisting mainly of whey concentrate is your best bet while for after the workout, a whey isolate product would be a better choice.

Does what he say have any truth in it? Whey concentrate is better than isolate during the day and takes longer to digest?


Yeah, pretty much true as far as I know, though as far as I know keeping things cold while filtering helps retain some of the other 'goodies'. I would use isolate with breakfast and around workout time, concentrate/casein at other times, assuming the concentrate didn't cause stomach problems or carb problems (as concentrates are typically maybe 60-80% pure).

That is, there is some lactose and fat in concentrate too. The WPC I have at the moment is 80% pure, I just got an unflavoured one and mix it in with Metabolic Drive. Makes the Metabolic Drive last longer, gives me more goodies, etc etc. (I wouldn't normally be so cheap but getting Metabolic Drive in Aus is pretty expensive =)

Further, if one had isolate and wanted to use it in the day time, could add flaxseed oil and / or psyllium husks or some other kind of fibre to slow it down. I might reccomend this if someone only wanted 1 kind of whey.

My problem with WPI between meals is it just makes me damn hungry an hour later as it goes in so fast.


Yeah ive heard this as well

and whey hydrolase is absorbed even faster than whey isolate which makes it an even better choice post workout or so ive heard...