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Whey Concentrate and Whey Hydrolysate

I know that whey hydrolysate is better than whey concentrate, but how much of a difference will it make to being absorbed by your muscles and the length of time it will take. Also how much of a serving will your muscles absorb. Im on kind of a budget and its just a lot cheaper with the whey concentrate.

Hey, there, jreed212!

I guess it would be like comparing a Porshe to a Honda. They’ll both get you to work, but the former is a lot more likely to get you a ticket on the way there. (wink)

The hydrolysate version is faster (and more expensive). My suggestion is that you buy a tub of Surge (just one) and compare it to whatever concoction you’re planning on putting together. See which one you like better.

Honestly, there were days when my carbs were so low that the only reason I worked out was because I knew I could have my Surge. Pretty sad when you fantasize all day about your PWO drink, huh? (chuckling)