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Whey Component. Healthy Glutathione - GHS

I’m googling on this subject. Glutathione - GHSapparently quite phenomenol as something everyone should have at least enough of it to remain healthy. All insight/input would be appreciated on this topic, in particular in relation to its presence in Whey supplements. Thanks

Thought I’d bump this up one last time. I’m hearing exceptional things on this item. Just want to know what others who are savvy about Glutathione - GHS, have to say… are there any negative things about it [ie, too much etc.,]?

Glutathione products as sold in health food stores taken orally are useless as it is destroyed in your gut before it could ever reach your bloodstream. My grandfather had Lou Gerrig’s disease and he was going to an holistics medicine doctor for regular intravenous glutathione treatments. He thought it helped him a little bit. He felt drained and had no energy afterwards though, and I was thinking it might have been his body going through a little detoxification process.

My understanding is that the intravenous glutathione treatments are effective to a small degree, for people in such a wasted state. I also heard that a specific undenatured whey protein isolate has more gutathione-producing potential in the body than the glutathione treatments that my grandfather was getting. Something about how the three amino acid components Glycine, Glutamate, and Cysteine are the precursors to the production of the master antioxidant Glutathione. So I went out and bought him a case of it and he did believe it was helping, although this was at a time when because of the degenerating disease his throat was closing up and he ended up losing his ability to swallow.

I’m no expert but I just thought I’d share our personal story involving glutathione and see if anybody else also has anything they can share about it. I don’t know how effective by comparison products like R-ALA and NAC are at helping the body increase Glutathione levels like some have claimed. I’m also very interested to learn more about elevating glutathione levels in the body since it sounds like it should have so much potential.