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Whey Causing Insulin Levels to Rise?


Read an article in which is says whey protein causes insulin levels to rise thus making fat loss harder. The article suggest a protein of casein and whey. If this is true then Grow! is out and Metabolic Drive is the way to go since it is the casein and whey combo.

Any ideas on this?


Read more. Its much more complex than that.


You know what else makes insulin levels rise? Food! Ahh, how will I ever lose fat eating food?


Thanks Bonez. I did a quick search on this site and bookmarked a couple articles. will read when I have the time.


Yeah man, ingesting anything makes insulin levels go up. During the American Civil War soldiers would often put pebbles in their mouths to get them to salivate when they were thirsty, similarly I've even heard of hard lined ketogenic dieters putting peanut butter in their mouths PWO, but then spitting it out -lol.



What does saliva have to do with it? Is saliva production in itself a signaler for insulin?


No, I was just making a point that ANYTHING ingested will cause some insulin response, just like anything put in your mouth will cause some degree of salivation to occur.



So it sounds like the article I read was pretty simplified. Like Bonez said, I guess I need to educate myself a little more. Honestly though I have heard of insulin spikes but not the whole whey vs casein/whey thing.


That insulin is what helps you build muscle mass. It's not evil.

You guys need a biology book before you read another freaking article.


i love insulin


and carbs


I inject insulin then drink protein extract.


I read a study that tested insulin response. Part of the control measure was putting the food in a box because seeing food caused an insulin release. Eating, tasting or looking at food apparently causes an insulin release.

This being said, I'm still unclear on the point of managing insulin.


Well you'd have to give your definition of "managing insulin" before anyone can clear something up.


I had been trying the whole Berardi Theory about separating carbs and fat. If I understood it right, this was to have controlled insulin releases with the carb meals and the fat meals would help improve insulin sensitivity. After reading more I found out that ANYTHING you eat will cause an insulin release.

So I guess my question is, besides preworkout carbs, is there a reason to try controlling insulin releases?


You can not control insulin. Its going to rise when you eat food (or look at it apparently). You plan your meals and workouts to take advantage of the biggest insulin spikes.


First off, you need to realize that insulin is not an all-or-nothing thing. A tiny release of insulin in response to chewing gum, or possibly smelling food, is much different than a massive dump that clears all glucose from the bloodstream.


In case anyone was doubting, which I have a strong suspicion of, it's called cephalic phase insulin response to food. Smelling or seeing food really does cause an insulin response.

So rather than trying to control release or not of insulin, to me it seems like it's more an issue of timing big vs. small releases, right?


This is not true to say you can not control insulin. You can control insulin. When different things are ingested the insulin responses are absolutely different in amount and timing. we can use this knowledge to our advantage. higher insulin triggers other hormones and = more anabolism and tissue (including fat and muscle) building. Lower insulin also triggers hormones (glucagon) and basically = more catabolism as far as i understand.


You did see the last sentence of my post, right? Thanks for explaining it.

Yes, it was wrong to say you cant control insulin. I shouldnt have said it so simplistically.