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Whey, Casein, or Blood?

What the hell?



How the hell did you find that article?


“contains unique blood proteins that are metabolized by the human body twice as fast as egg proteins”

how does this compare to other protien powders? Also I wonder if has a complete amino acid profile, and would it be chock full of iron?

they say they are using blood that is usually just thrown away… hmmm dirt cheap protien powder? I doupt it is a quality product though… if there is a cheap quality product waiting to be discovered I’m sure money hungry americans would of figured it out by now.

I guess they are trying to cater to the “vampire bodybuilder” market because they are people too;-)

Excuse me while I drink my post work out shake of chum, skim milk, bananas, and acolyte blood.

I read recently where one of the supplement companies has come out with a protein powder that contains bovine red blood cells. According to them, it’s an excellent protein source.

Sounds kinda sick to me… =/

What’s so bad about bovine blood cells. Predators have survived on them for eons.

[quote]S-Lifter wrote:
What’s so bad about bovine blood cells?[/quote]

Nothing, I suppose. I just wonder whether it’s something really effective or just a marketing gimmick. Plus, I would probably tend to think of it lke I was drinking blood, which I don’t think I could knowingly do.

[quote]CU AeroStallion wrote:
How the hell did you find that article?[/quote]

Saw it on http://boingboing.net which I think someone posted here a few weeks back. Good source of weirdness.