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Whey and Pneumonia

When doctors tell you to avoid all dairy products, does that include whey protein? Obviously whey is a dairy derivative, but does it count as dairy? I’m at home with pneumonia, and I’m supposed to avoid dairy, presumably because it increases mucus production. I’m really not up to eating solid food, but if I have any more soup, tea or Jello I will scream. A shake would give me some variety at least. O nutritional gurus, would it really be that bad?

Don’t do it. My girlfriends 82 year old grandmother went in to hospital a few weeks ago. They gave her protein drinks containing whey even though she has an intolerance to dairy products. She is too stupid to say anything to them. The whey caused a mucus problem which led on to a chest infection. This all delayed her recovery from the original illness.
Don’t have any soya products or tropical fruits including bananas. You need warming foods like oats.