Whey and Infertility?

Hi girls,

I’ve been told by one of my clients that her doctor has warned her off the consumption of whey because it has negative effects on fertility as she’s trying to get pregnant.

I’ve had a look on pubmed and google, but the only reference I can find to whey and infertility is a line saying “Whey has been shown to have testosterone-like effects on lab rats, so maybe that’s the cause of the ovulation disorders”

Testosterone-LIKE effects? Rats? Does anybody have any more (hopefully clear cut) information on this topic? My client won’t eat meat except fish and I’m struggling to find an additional protein source for her.

If this were true, pregnant and expecting women would be told to avoid dairy, cottage cheese, milk, and cheese. All of those contain whey.

Sounds like another case of a doctor diagnosed with supplement-hate.

For protein, there’s always eggs or chicken/turkey.

i smell bullshit, if whey caused infertility it would be a BIG thing

Mainstream medicine is just fucking retarded. If I ever get hit by a bus please don’t take me to the hospital, just put me down like Old Yeller.

does some one smell that? It smells like like a crock pot full of shit. but seriously I think the doctor is lying to her. beacuse just like Karl said dairy would be wayyy off limits for chicks who want to have kids or are expecting. So the supplement witch hunt begins again!

Testosterone: anabolic as shit.
Protein: fairly anabolic.

“testosterone like” ?? Perhaps?

I dont know, either way, I’ll throw in another vote for a crock-a-shit.