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Whey and I


I have recently began a supplement system using HOT-ROX, vitamins, and whey protein.

I workout mon-fri mornings before i go to work. I take vitamins and HOT-ROX everyday at good doses. What I'm wondering about is how i should dose my whey protein. I am 6'3 and 280lbs. I eat about 60-100 grams of protein from three meals. How should I dose the whey protein powder. It is ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein with 24g of protein per scoop.

Thanx for any tips.

Also what would be the best way to reduce the fat on my chest or to make it simply look better.

Thanx again


I work out in the mornings too, and I have a pre workout shake, then post workout shake, then eggs for breakfast about 30 minutes after the shake. Lunch is usually a sandwich, cottage cheese, fruit, and another protein shake. Supper is usually mostly meat. Also if I get hungry I have a protein shake for a snack instead of loading up on junk.

Check out the V-diet. I lost 30 pounds on it in about 3 months.


You were on the V-Diet for 3 MONTHS? That must've sucked. 3 or 4 weeks is already pretty bad.


Good lord you need to eat a LOT more real food for protein 60-100 is Nothing. if I had a little sister she'd eat more than that. How much total intake are you having. Id up that protein to at LEAST 200g if not 1g per lb

As for whey use iot like food for protein whenever needed.

as for the best way to get fat off your chest and/or make it look better. Lose fat everywhere and also lift weights and bulid the chest. Thats really truely what iot will take. You cant just pick to lose fat off your chest.

best of luck a lot of this will boil down to nailing a solid diet id check out T-dawg etc. Maybe take a look at the beginner thread great links in there for diet. And then hard training smart but intense.

Best of Luck,


It wasn't that bad. I didn't go as strict. I had a fourth of a cup of oatmeal every morning. That gave me energy to lift. I thought it was actually more convenient. I liked being on it, cause I like protein shakes and they were really easy. I didn't have to cook or clean dishes.


Havent really got a choice on the real food thing. My family only eats one meal a day, so I have to buy my breakfast and lunch, and I don't want to be buying a lot of food for the five small meals.


I'm not trying to be rude but unless you are poor, which is possible. Then why don't you get a job and buy your own food. If you wanna be a bodybuilder you have to but your own food. BTW, eggs, tuna and milk are all pretty cheap try joining a bulk food store if you can.


Regardless better food choice. Three meals with 60-100 grams of protein thats nothing and that much could easily be eatin in 1-2 meals. Make those three meals protein rich.


Thx for the advice. I found a place to get decently priced protein rich foods by my job so I can now get about 160g of protein from food a day.

What do you guys think are the best foods to eat for lunch. Chicken sandwiches or what?

Also, I hear a lot of talk about how metabolism will not burn a lot of fat if you don't drink enough water. How much water is good enough for my size. I drink about 6 liters a day.


Not to be rude but I have a feeling that your 280 looks a lot different than my 280 did. Before giving you more "diet advice" it would help if you listed your bf% etc to give us a better idea. Also, what are your goals besides fat loss in your chest? What are yoru problem areas? My meal plan/protein advice etc would change according to your stats and needs if that makes sense to you.


Yes he does need to get his protein from whoel food sources and needs to up hsi intake but how can you give him advice without knowing anything about his body composition?


I see what you mean. My BF% is about 25%. What else you need to know?

My goals are actually to just tone my chest, whatever else happens will just happen. I am content with the rest of my body it's my chest that I don't like. Though I wouldn't mind toning up the rest of me in the process.

For future posts you don't have to write "I don't mean to be rude" because I am taking what everyone says as constructive criticism so there is no need to worry about insulting me.


Ok you fuck!! Haha, just kidding my friend.

Ok unfortunately there is now way I know off to only lose bodyfat in one area of your body. When it comes off, it comes off different and in different proportions for different people. Usually abs, thighs and chest are the last to go.

In my opinion, you can lose fat all over and continue to train hard and built muscle. With that said, dont only use the scale as your indicaiton of progress, use the mirror as well.

I would ratch up the cardio, 4-5 days a week 30-45 minutes or so. I would pick a good training program and stick with it. I prefer a split routine but any routine will be fine initially as long as you stick with it.

Most important, the eating part. I would stick to the 1 gram per body pound a day rule, that means you need to eat 280 grams of protein divided over 6-7 smaller meals or so. So with every meal you are looking for 46-47 grams of protein. Try to get at least 4-5 meals from whole foods and then supplement with the powder about 2 shakes. I think you mentioned 23 grams a scoop so 2 scoops will do the trick.

Browse the site for the article on recommended calorie intake. There is a formula that escapes me right now. I would aim for somewhere between the number for weight loss and maintenance required intake. Subtract the protein calories from your daily required intake and split those over the number of meals. Go easy on the carbs but use them to get to your daily calorie number with oats, yams and brown rice. Eat the fat that comes from your whole food sources but I would not add any at this time.

Stick with this for 4-6 weeks and hit us up. Keep a log.

Anyone else have anything to add? I know this is very simplistic but diet is contolled eating and the easier the plan, the better the discipline. Stick to it, evaluate and adjust accordingly.

Good luck and train hard.


I have to disagree. Add in some fish oil, flax, and olive oil to your plain protein shakes instead of adding carbs. Or your could just keep them the protein, but that depends upon your caloric needs.

Everything else you said was spot on.

Also, keep carbs early in the morning, and around your workout and have the rest of your meals P+F.

Make sure to get LOTS of veggies.


I agree with that. I made an assumption there. I get my fish oil as part of my vitamin/supplement intake and cook in olive oil. I am not sure he needs the additional calories by adding it to his shakes as well. I usually only do that as part of a bulk but thats just my opinion.



It's been about a week and a half and I have gotten some results. I think I look a lil bit better than I used to.

I'll keep on it and see how things are after the three week mark.

If anyone else has anymore tips please post them.



Thats good that you made good progress in a week and a half, although, in a few more weeks, progress will slow- so dont get down, it happens to everyonw.


It feels like progress has slowed already but I really think that it is because I haven't drank as much water in the past couple of days.

I just ordered a bottle of Methoxy-7 so the next month should be fun.


Yeah, you also might want to take measurements/pictures in longer intervals, more like every month or so.



It's been one month and thanks to some good food choices and some continuous exercise I have lost about 12 lbs. gained muscle lost 2-3% BF and got a lot stronger.

I am now in the process of making my posture better because I think that will improve my workouts and make me look better.

Thx for your help.