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Whey and Casein together.. Slows down Whey?

On the protein round table… i’d love to have some research backing up this part of the article:

“The next question is, why not whey and casein together? Well, combining whey and casein might lead to a slowing of whey absorption. In this case you’d be missing out on some of the protein synthesis that you could get otherwise. Personally, I mix up a 50 gram whey shake and bring it to the gym with me. Immediately after my training I drink it down. Then, about 60 to 90 minutes later, I take in about 50 grams of casein (cottage cheese) with a bunch of carbs. Fair enough?”

Though he says MIGHT, i’m curious if he saw evidence on this, i’m actually REALLY curius about this…

Yes, cassein will slow down the absorption of whey. Besides, the protein roundtable is old news. Berardi has posted plenty of new research on T-mag since then; much more effective ways to combine carbs/aminos/proteins both pre and post workout. And no, the answer is not a large protein consumption post workout.