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Whey and Casein Ratio

I’ve been using Metabolic Drive for MRP shakes but I’m going to start mixing casein and whey from separate bottles (not Biotest) into my shake.

What should the scoop ratio come out as? I’ve heard 70:30 whey to casein is good but I’d like a few different opinions from y’all.


How do you get these numbers? Both have optimal uses at different times. If using form meal replacement why not 50/50 or even more casein since it is slow digesting.

I’m asking for suggestions…I doubt there’s a right or wrong ratio here. 50:50 may be just as valid as 80:20 or 70:30 (whey to casein). The natural ratio of milk is 80:20 I found.

Bump, where did this thread disappear to?