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Whey and Body Odor

Since I started using Whey protein, my body stink big time mix of ammonia like smell (I use to never stink even if I try to) especially after the workout, my clothes would be too stinky.

I only use 1 scoop pre-workout to hit 108 grams of protein (0.8 g/lb). Since I had to up my protein I use a shake before bed (every other day or two days only) to hit 120 grams of protein at least every other day or two days.

I heard that it means protein is being broken for energy, isn’t that like a waste of my isolated protein that I would like to be gone to my muscles? Isolated protein is expensive, one shake cost $1 or so, that’s $30 (when I drink pre-workout, I don’t drink before bed, to keep cost minimal).

I plan to increase my breakfast meal to 400 calories then an hour later have the shake of 90 calories pre-workout.

Blessed by your spirit animal with a keen sense of smell?
Sufficient water intake?
Enough carbohydrate/appropriate timing?
Underlying medical issue e.g. kidney or liver disease?

Most places in the world you can get whey protein isolate cheaper if you look

No medical issue, I’ll drink more water, but am I wasting my protein?

How cheaper is Isolated Whey?

Up your green/colourful veg and take a ‘greens’ supplement broscience-ish balances out the acidity of the powder and makes sweat smell nicer

Also could consider trying different/better quality brand of protein or egg powder or vegetable product like humapro

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I also had ammonia sweats for awhile. I cut my protein back from 1.5g/lb (300g/day)to 1-1.2g/lb (200-240/day), and it has gone away completely. I’m an active male, fwiw.

Thanks for the recommendations. Anyway I just wonder if my protein is wasted if it show up in the smell? I don’t want my protein used up for energy only muscle fuel.

108/120g/couple scoops is really not that much if training hard even for small girl.

Wont be wasted per se but might be a indication of very low level leaky gut/inefficient digestive health.
TC has written a bunch of stuff and tips about this lately…

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Got it thanks