Whey Alternatives - Gut/Digestive Health

First of all i have read back to posts from July and although some good advice i haven’t the exact answers i am looking for.

What do we think these days is a good alternative to whey protein? I find it convenient to use powders as i sometimes dont have time to sit down for a meal. I was on whey concentrate which was killing my stomach, i then (currently using) switched to whey isolate even chosing the unflavoured to hope it goes throught me without trouble but nope, terrible stomach.
I have been reading a bit about pea, hemp, egg protein but cant decide which to go with? Anyone tried/had success with these? I would mix it with gluten free instant oats and water.
I have IBS which i know is set off by gluten, lactose obviously doesnt agree with me too :slight_smile:

Second more i am on a quest to improve my gut health and digestion, any suggestions what i can add to my diet or suppliments? I have tried lactase/digestive enzymes for 4 weeks and felt no difference, i have just started taking a pretty strong probiotic last week which hasn’t had any good or bad effect on me just yet, but anything people put in their oats or shakes etc to reach this goal?

I want to hear ‘up to date’ ideas not links to posts 7 years ago please and i am UK based :blush:

Demand much?

I’m in the exact same position as you, can’t eat gluten or dairy.

Best alternative I have found is Beef protein hydrolysate.

It doesn;t mix as well as whey, but 97/98% protein and the flavours are fine.

BulkPowders chocolate nut flavour tastes like snickers. Best of all no symptoms

Looks like a good read will certainly have a look. Both from 2016 though is this the most up to date thing we have? Surely there has been new methods/research/suppliements since then?

What is your opinion on alternatives to whey also if you have one?

I will have to give beef protein a try. I remember having a free sachet of it years ago and i had to hold my nose to drink it so would be interested in flavoured ones.

Did you try pea etc or just straight on to the beef?

I’ve tried a couple of Vegan proteins and they were OK.

Their protein content is lower (and carb higher as a result) gassy side effects and very chalky texture just meant that I preferred Beef.

I would go for a vegan blend, to maximise amino spectrum coverage, if beef wasn’t available, but it is :slight_smile:

Yea i dont want any other thrills from it as i mix it with oats etc so this sounds great. Thanks

One warning is that it can be a ball ache to mix thoroughly. Blending it, or shaking it thoroughly and then leaving it in the fridge for a while helps.

Pea protein.

Stop dismissing shit because it wasn’t publish yesterday.

What does your doctor recommends for your IBS?

I can’t handle lactose either and so use egg or pea powders. The egg powder I have is ‘vanilla’ flavor and tastes terrible, only use it when I’m looking to vary my sources of protein.
I use the pea protein powder daily, its unflavored but tastes awful unless mixed with something with a strong taste. I currently mix with grape bcaa that actually tastes pretty good together. Fruit juice also works well as a mixer but was too much sugar for my liking.

What did i dismiss? I said i would sit and read both of the articles you posted they look great. If any newer research came to light since then, it obviously wouldnt be on there.

I think pea was at the top of my list to try once im done with this bag, might try a sample of both before i order a big bag.

Only real advice was to start from scratch, almost vegan diet, and slowly add food types back in, soon as i hit gluten bam there was the problem

I wondered if too much egg would unsettle my stomach but you have no problems with it?

I usually go for unflavoured and chug it down with instant oats then just get a bit of an oaty taste which isnt bad

I haven’t had any problems with the egg powder and my stomach but no idea how you’d do with it.

The pea powder with just oats would taste really really bad, but if you can handle that then give it a shot.