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Whey Alternative (Due to Allergy)

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a Whey product alternative to the Biotest lines? I have an allergy to nuts and since the Biotest product contains hezelnut it is a no-no for me.

Thanks all!

Maybe the Whey product from Optimum Nutrition could be an option but i think there are a lot of Whey products out there.
But i cant guarantee that there are no nuts in it. I think you should write a direct e-mail to the companies. Another possibility is to use an other protein product like egg protein or soy protein, maybe normal casein could do it also. Again. I cant guarantee that there are no nuts in an protein product described above.
Maybe someone else could give you an advice.

I just glanced over the ingredients in ON’s Whey product, it doesn’t mention anything about nuts.

Oryx Goat milk Whey

very pricey though