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Whey Allergy - What are My Options?


i seem to have a whey allergy
whenever i have a few scoops i get this hive type rash thing on my cheeks

can i use soy protein?

or is there another type of protein i can use?

i'm a vegetarian! :frowning:


Pea and rice are 2 other options.

Or even EAA but it tastes like ass.


Have you tried whey isolate? Stay away from soy.


Great advice here so far. I'd try either pea, rice or both. Don't get soy.


Are you a man or a woman?
How much powder are you planning on eaten a day?

How do you react to milk? Whey isolate?


I'm female as per my profile picture :slight_smile:

I am gold standard whey which is the isolate type i think....

The reaction i get is like an eczema flare up but only on my neck under the jaw and on my face and cheeks.

I'm currently on about 3-4 scoops a day, since i'm vegetarian i get almost ALL my protein from either lentils or whey....

I think i am mildy lactose intolerant but just slightly.

PEA protein is SOOOOO expensive here (malaysia) it's like.... USD25-30 for a one kilo tub!


No, ON's gold standard whey is a combination of whey isolate and concentrate. If you can find a good whey isolate, technically, the only thing left should be the protein molecule itself. If you can't find any, send me a PM. I have a whey isolate I have used for years now that is tasty and not very expensive which you can also buy in bulk, although I would recommend buying only a couple of months initially to see if you have the same reaction. What about egg whites as well if that doesn't work?


You could try mixing half scoop of whey with half a scoop of soy to get a full scoop of protein but with half the amount of whey, but the same amount of protein. Besides, its good to get a variety of protein sources. Soy is not the devil. People here make it sound like you plan on living off of the stuff. A scoop a day of soy protein will do you no harm (assuming you have two shakes a day).


Alright zazi, kudos to you for still striving to be healthy/fit on account that being vegetarian must complicate things. You really wont find any more readily and abundant sources of protein than meat.

Have you considered skipping powders and supplements for protein? Just up your intake of protein from food. Quinoa/rice, almonds, Greek yogurt. All that good stuff you should be eating anyway: Just eat more of it. That or have some fish. Certain vegetarians are allowed to do that right? Your not vegan?


Comes recommended from a number of sources, can't attest to the taste however as I've never tried it: sunwarrior.com/store/protein-raw-vegan-vanilla.html

But overall I agree with andrew - it will be cheaper and more filling for you to focus on protein from whole food sources.


This is a terrible idea. It's like an omnivore getting "almost all" their protein from chicken or milk.

As a vegetarian, you're already dealing with a certain type of food restriction, so you'll only slow down your progress if you unnecessarily restrict your foods even more. You should certainly be able to get 100+ grams of protein from nuts, seeds, grains, and all sorts of legumes.

What did you eat yesterday?

That sucks, really. Rice protein would be the next best bet to look into. I'd suggest hemp protein, but from everything I hear, that's really the least palatable of the three. Can you have eggs?

A "vegetarian" eating fish is like a "virgin" who only does reverse cowgirl. It's a surprisingly common misconception, but fish are animals, (or sea kittens, according to PETA).

After reading this, I actually said to myself, "Doesn't he know he's talking to Dafuckinvinci?"

Not to typecast you D, but your current avatar is mildly more friendly than your original scowling torso shot.

I used that protein for my two month vegetarian/vegan experiment. I found the texture to be super chalky.


I was actually smiling in that picture too Chris. I also vote for eggs or egg whites. Nuts did not occur to me, but that's another sound suggestion. Chris, what do you know about isolated proteins? It was my understanding that whey isolate and other isolated proteins should technically have all other allergens besides the protein molecule itself removed.


I did a one year vegetarian experiment. There are different diets out there (not vegetarian) that are usually just referred to as 'a type of vegetarian'. For example 'Pescatarian' diets are identical to vegetarian diets except they are allowed to eat fish. So yeah its a misconception but its common enough that it gets taken seriously.

So....sea kittens eh HAHAHAH thats so good.Not that I didnt believe you Chris but I check it out.
OMG!! These people are just bonkers!


Didn't help, brother. Did not help. :wink:
(I kid, because I care.)

Meh, not a ton. I defer to guys smarter than myself for most things nutritional.

I'd definitely expect isolate proteins to have a much-reduced allergen response due to the processing, but in some people, any level of response could be unacceptable depending on the severity of their allergy.

So an isolate form might be the safer bet, but I'd still want to keep an eye out for signs of allergy and adjust accordingly.

I hear 'ya. There are quite a few different breeds of vegetarian (no pun intended). I think the "default, 'I'm a vegetarian'"-thing would be considered lacto-ovo, but really, who knows.

It's an individual thing, but it's easy to overcomplicate things with labels. Pescitarian, porcitarian, flexitarian, fruititarian, vegan, breathitarian like the nutjob in that Get a Life thread. Yeesh.

It really was genuinely surprising that most people expected I could still eat fish when I'd say I was a vegetarian.


This is not true.

Whey isolate by definition is only required to be 90% protein.


1) you can use soy then.

2) you cannot use 4 scoops a day though.

3) how about nuts, beans, all the other foods with protein in it? It isnt 'healthy' to get all your protein from supplements.

4) It sounds like a mild allergic reaction. How do you react to milk, - do you get the same rash or is it only symptoms of lactose intolerance? It can be other ingredients in the powder than the actual whey proteins causing the reaction (additives, colorants etc.)


actually zazi, I'm curious to know if you have tried to water down your protein. You know: Dilute the whey and drink it over the course of an hour or something. It might upset the people who preach spiking your protein levels all at once (chug it all down), but if it lets you still use your whey powder then go for it.

have you tried? or experimented with other brands?


Good info. Thanks.


wow - this thread is on fire.... :slightly_smiling:

okay so - when i said i get almost all my protein from lentils what i meant was:
if i'm deliberately adding protein to my diet i tend to use lentils/beans/legumes
but i also add egg whites and peas and stuff like that
it's just that i always have beans/lentils in the fridge

i don't get the same itchy reaction to milk at all....

normally i do get my protein from different sources it's just that i was thinking about doing the Velocity Diet for two - three weeks... so i was wondering if i could do it without whey...

if not then i guess i'll just have to use a hydrocortisone cream to combat the eczema until the diet is over.....


can you do that??????????????
my trainer (who got fired for being an idiot) told me that you HAVE to drink your protein within 40 minutes or it just - "dies"..... i stupidly believed him. he also stuffed up my knee by making lift an entire stack for NO reason... i mean i never said i wanted large muscles...

i will try this... watering down my protein...