Where's Timbo?

Timbo; where ‘ya been, Lil’ Bro? Breakin’ little girls hearts and puttin’ on the beef, I’m sure! WASSUP???

You out there, Lil 'Bro?

I think he finally got his bodyfat % down to minus 2%. He’s so ripped he’s dead now! :wink:

Mufasa, Timbo has been MIA from the forum lately due to his excessively busy life. He’s dropped me an email a few times (one right before Thanksgiving). He’s been busy with school, work, hitting the weights and taking care of everyday business. So he hasn’t had much time to post. I’ll have to get a hold of him and have him check up and drop a post for us!

Lion King! Hey, big guy. It’s your lil’ buddy Timbo…Nate Dogg hit the nail on the head. Time is prime time and at a premium these days: finishing up the semester, researching grad schools, getting ready for GREs, training and eating like a beast, and all the wonderful things that Timbo loves so much. Timbo regrets the brief hiatus from the forum, appreciates your concern and will make efforts to make more contributions in the future! Thanks again, Muf, for the concern. Hope all’s well with ya, King. TEK, that’s some good shit, bro. Not quite the truth, but that’d be pretty cool.

We are in trouble now. Timbo has started referring to himself in third person.

It’s nice to know that a ‘pillar of the t-mag community’ like Timbo hasn’t abandoned us. It is strange, the day i saw this thread, right before I saw it I was like, where is that Timbo guy? Anyways, keep training and gl with school bro. ~PorchDawg