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Where's The Pool?


This summer I will be taking a tour of a rather arid section of the world (think lots of beaches ...with no water) for no less than 120 and no more than 365 days.

I am concerned about how my precious Biotest sups will fare. I know the catch-all "Keep away from heat, light and moisture" but what if your environment may range from 40F to 130F during any given day?

Any one item in the Biotest inventory not worth the hassle?

Just bury them in the ground and hope for the best?

What's a guy to do?


What kind of training are you gonna be able to do wherever you'll be? If it's not reasonably serious, I wouldn't bring any supplements at all. You'd sort of be throwing your money down the toilet without the proper stimuli to make them effective.


I will have access to equipment. It will be a necessary stress reliever...all that 'stimulating' interaction with the local inhabitants and such. I do not know how much time I will have available.

I'm have visions of the oil caps turning into rancid jam... Mmmmmm...


I don't know anyone deployed that long without at least a comm trailer with a/c.

Are you really going to be in the field for your entire tour?


I'd recommend checking out the Military Fitness Magazine site. Written by one of your brethren, albeit a PJ, he's been over to the box a few times, and wote an article on supplementation in the military. Actually, if Chris or TC is reading this, any chance of getting Nathanael (sp?) Morrison to write an article for T-Nation? might give an interesting take on what military fitness should be about.


Not as such. Thanks for the info.