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Where's the Methoxy ?


I went to the Biotest store, to see if the methoxy was also on sale, for buy 2 get 2 free, and it's not on there, or on the original store. What's up ?? Did you all discontinute it ?? i sure hope not !!


Have you used it before and experienced results that you liked, or are you looking to use it for the first time?


Someone said on another thread that it was being improved or reformulated or something.


Yup, them were the words from a certain Mr. Shugart. :-))




did he say how long of a wait were looking at?


Yes, I did like it !! I did the 12 week methoxy challenge (which I paid for) and loved the results. I was hoping to buy it at the cheaper price again.


I don't know any details, but yes, I believe they're working on suping up Methoxy-7.


I was looking to order it here in Canada, and SNDCanada informed me that they had heard that it was discontinued and that they were revising the formula. I asked further and they said that they were trying to put it in a pill form.

I am assuming this goes along with the new Microemulsion technology that has happened with Mag-10. In other words, to increase the bioavailability via a super capsule.

If they have done it with new Mag-10, then it shouldn't be that long until we see a new Methoxy product coming out.

Although, I would like to get my hands on some anywho b/c I think I have about a days supply left. Bah!

If anybody can confirm this microemulsion suspicion that would be greatly appreciated.


Any news on the progress on this?




last word I saw on this said it would be a while...




Search Methoxy on askjeeves.com ...I even found a bottle of Androsol on one site.

I got a few bottles of methoxy, because it's my all time favorite supp., I can't wait around for the re-formulation (is that a word?)


Thanks. I've found some based on the links you guys have given. IL Cazzo, can you tell me a bit more why you love it, i.e. success/results you've had because of it? I was going to try it because I haerd it would be a great sup if you weren't going that Mag-10 route.