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Where's the link???

Does anyone know of a link either in T-Mag or elsewhere that lists excercises you can do for each body part? Example in case I am not clear is let’s say to work the back you can do the following excercises : chin ups, pull downs, etc… I searched T-Mag and couldn’t locate anything that did a complete listing. I am trying to switch up my routine a bit a need some variety. Thanks.

I don’t know if it is what you are looking for but at the westside barbell club site or the elite fitness link at that site has an article that list the exercises and variations they use for back chest and legs I think.Peace, Tmofa

There is no complete listing like you are mentioning. Your best bet is to check out the FAQ and pick and choose how you best see fit.

Not a complete listing, but it might help.

http://drsquat.com/index.cfm? action=viewarticle&articleID=56

If you still want more, try to find a book on weightlifting at your library, it should have a bunch of different exercises.

A great link was just posted in the previous “Pics of Excercies” posting.


Here try this link “www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html

It’s been listed before…Click on what you want to work on and gives a little video of each exercise.Hope this helps