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Where's the Beef

I just started body building and am what most of you would call a rookey. a problem that I have encounterd is the only meat I eat is Beef. I have seen no diets for those that just eat cow. Most of the body builders I know tell me that if I want to get ripped I better start liking fish, chicken, ect. I dont like chicken or fish. and I am Not going to suck it up. Can I still gain lean body mass with out eating chicken?

The most likely reason that bodybuilders aviod beef while trying to get lean is because of the high fat content even in your leanest cuts such as eye of round.

Not that fat is bad, but most BB try to cut thier fat back completely to decrease their total caloric intake. It is shown scientifically that the saturated fat (stearic acid C18:0) in red meat has neutral effects on blood lipid levels (i.e. it does not make them any worse, or better). Also, saturated fat is positively correlated with testosterone - a certain amount of SFA’s are necessary to maintain normal T concentrations.

If you really like red meat and dont want to eat chicken, you should try Buffalo (a.k.a. Bison) it is probably the leanest read meat, and it’s very tasty! Ostrich is another dark meat that tastes similar to beef and has a great fatty acid profile.

I’d say it would be pretty difficult to subsist entirely on red meat, especially if you’re following macronutrient combining guidelines that have you limiting fats in certain meals (e.g. Massive Eating). That said, there are other options besides “cow.” Venison, moose, and buffalo are all very lean red meat sources.

Additionally, you can include turkey, eggs/egg whites, cottage cheese, and protein powders.

Ha, if you can afford it, Ostrich is a tasty alternative (as Cassie suggested). You can’t tell the difference between a chunk of ostrich meat and red meat; and ostrich is even lower in fat content than poultry.

However, for my last BB contest (2001), I consumed alot of red meat. Especially during the last two weeks prior to the contest. This way I maintained LBM and since I was practically in contest shape, I remained lean and even got leaner.

The other protein sources EC listed are excellent (well, he is a pretty smart dude). But you’re gonna have to eat other sources other than red meat sooner or later. Taste buds change, dude for a reason. And someday your body will be screaming for something different other than a chunk of cow.

I should also mention that I see nothing wrong with devouring furry woodland creatures, stray cats and dogs, and endangered whales. If those Green Peace folks get in your way, feel free to eat them, too.

You may also want to consider baby. Mmmm…babies.

Baby, the other white meat.

Hey, it’s my cousin, Roid!

You don’t like chicken? Have you tried cooking it different ways?

I used a keto diet to drop my badyfat. My protein sources were chicken, steak, eggs, bacon, cheese, and MRPs. I think I would have had similar results if I cut out the chicken and adjusted other things to get my desired macro ratios and caloric levels?

My girl prefers tube steak