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Where's the Beef?

I was brought up vegetarian but eat chicken and fish since I started bodybuilding but I notice a lot of you eat beef and I was wondering if it really is that good a source of protein. Not eating beef I tend to eat a lot of diary like cheese, milk, cottage cheese, etc, is this a bit one dimensional nutrition?

Oh by the way I have just found a low fat brand of Fromage Frias which is very high in protein and much lower in carbs than yoghert which makes it a great P+F meal so it’s well worth a look.

Beef is king?all the greats ate a lot of red meat with good reason?including taste and satiety?and after all?we are made of red meat…and I recall reading references showing higher consumption of red meat equates to higher T.

Red flesh is the only food human’s can subsist on and be perfectly healthy, if eaten exclusively. That in itself should tell you something. Stop eating dairy for a week and you will realize how much better your body runs and feels.

Red Meat = Nature’s Multivitamin.

you must eat beef! as far as i know - apart from supplements - beef is the only natural source of carnitine and lysine; respectively very important for fat metabolising and nerve damage repair. i personally don’t understand vegetarians (not you because you still have some animal protein) because if people didn’t eat meat there wouldn’t be any cows or sheep! apart from that, the best looking animals in nature eat meat and they’re certainly alot more cruel in the way they kill than we are :slight_smile:

My only question about consuming meat is - do you really think it is the same beef that people ate years ago when they didn’t put hormones, antibiotics etc. in it, and when animals grazed and were not overfed corn and SOY beans? It’s not like we’re living hundreds or thousands of years ago. We just see they clean package in the grocery store, we don’t see what went into it. Maybe this is why it is sometimes considered questionable?? I know it’s taboo to question beef here but we need to consider these things to.

Erin, you are right in your assumptions, it is not the same beef due to the reason you mentioned. The main problem, in my opinion is the crap they’re fed. Beef should be high on omega 3 if it wasn’t for that. You can get around this by eating grass fed beef if you can, I unfortunately can’t. It’s the perfect food.

Anyway, the alternatives (chickens,etc) are much worst. Beef suplemmented with some good quality fish oil to will make up for the excess omega 6 in beef is still your best bet, in my opinion.

It’s the most anabolic food out there.

Beef is good. 'Nuff said.

Good call

Erin: Don?t eat meat from animals that gets a lot of hormones and antibiotica then, in Sweden it?s easier as hormones is ileagal to give to animals.

You can also shop in places like “Whole Foods” where they have certified organic beef and chicken that is guarateed to be raised free of hormones and antibiotics, and free range too I believe.

 Dude, ur diet sounds fine. Cheese, cottage cheese, riccotta cheese are good sources of caseine, and milk proteins have one of the richest amino acid profiles around - Its also VERY rich in glutamine. Eggs are VERY biologically available, meaning, more of the protein u take in from eggs is going to be used byu ur body more easily. U also note u take in chicken and fish. Fish is very rich in omega 3 fats which bring up ur testosterone levels, plus trick your body into burning more fat. Although its a fat, its been called an anti-fat or fat anthysesis, as it stimulates more fat burn. Ill tell you u actually have a very rich variety of protein sources, more than many people I know. One thing I will reccomend to you though, one source of protein everyone shold have in their diets and might be missing from yours - whey protein, concentrate or isolate, althoug isolate is better absorbed by your body. Whey is the fastest absorbed protein by the body making it the best source of protein to take after your wrkouts, when your body is in a catabolic mode and needs protein uptake to the muscles as fast as possible. 
I would take casein rich proteins before u go to sleep- have some no-fat cottage or riccotta cheese before going to bed, with some whey protein if you'd like. For your post wrkout have exclusively whey protein. For the other 4-5 meals of the day, have ur protein from the other sources u mentioned - especially fish, some chicken, eggs, and some cottage cheese too. Note that eggs are about the most bioavailable protein around, very closely followed by tuna and other fish, milk and chicken too. ur right there. u can skip beef if ud like. its a very good source of protein but u wont wont need it given ur variety.
Ur getting plenty protein from all ur sources. However, after reading the other posts, I agree - beef and red meats ARE good sources of vitamins, and it is excellent protein. theres a reason why the most expenive protein supplement u can get is bovine serum, which although tastes terrible from what i heard, is the very best , and professional bodybuilders use it on a regular basis when preparing for a show. But- Nothing that u cant get from ur salmon and tuna, eggs, and cottage cheese with your chicken. However, heres something for you-besides carnitine which stimulates fat loss, beef and lean red meats are rich in creatine. Ull have to eat a lot of red meat every day to make up the ammounts of creatine ud take from a powedered creatine. However, it should be enough to give u a boost and possibly make a difference at the gym if u eat some beef every day.
Dont get too caught up in the trap of eating meat over and over again.As long as u have protein from a wide variety of sources like u do ull be fine. If you do go 'beef', make sure it has little to no fat. if you check the labels of a 80% lean meat, it still has 10 grams of fat for 20-30 grams of protein. Thats fine, but Ull just need to account for whatelse you eat so as to make sure you dont put on too much fat, as its easy to overdo on calories, especially when ur trying to trim down. Hope this helps!

Damn another post in a row from the same guy? LOL.
However, Erin, Ur right - todays meats are not as healthy as they were before we started pumping them up with steroids and feeding them soy based products more than they used to eat before. This has been noted as a concern among some who advocate themselves to be ‘fitness experts’. They note that today’s meats are overloaded with hormones, particularly estrogen (It’s interesting that these same ‘fitness expert’ are rarely bodybuilder types, and often advocate soy as one of the best protein sources around, by outlining all their health benefits, which i forget because, frankly i couldn give a shizit about this type of baloney). However, as CY has already told me, these ammounts are too small to make a difference, even if eaten in moderate to high ammounts daily. Much like the mercury tuna phobia - Everybodys becoming obsessed with how much mercury tuna and fish carry and they advocate eating no more than two servings per WEEK. However, mercury content is ridiculously small, to make a difference even if u eat canned tuna 3 times a day. Last time i checked, if my memory serves me right, mercury content is about 10 parts per million or something like that? any comments, corrections? This looks like this: 0.000010. Small ain’t it? Same thing applies to hormone content - Dont get so obsessed that u forget about all the health and bodybuilding benefits u get from these foods, just because theres an itty bitty ammount of hormone in it.
As a final note, the health benefits of these foods grossly outweigh any possible side effects. Has anyone ever died from eating too much tuna- can u name one? Has anyone lost muscle by the lb from eating hormone loaded meat - no, but ull find that if u eat meats that u will instead GAIN muscle considering ur diet and workouts are consistent with your goals.
Meat is still as rich in protein, vitamins, and things like creatine, carnitine, as ever. Just chomp it down like a big boy.

You are right, it’s not the same beef that our ancestors ate. Yep, there are growth hormones and antibiotics and the cows are fed crap. However, that applies to everything. Everything is pretty toxic these days, animals get mass produced, injected with drugs and fed crap. Plants get grown in nutrient depleted soils, under acid rain conditions, and sprayed with pesticides. Pick your poison. I eat all of it and I will get really sick and die one day just like everyone else. At least at the moment I am having fun being athletic, buff, and eating lots of beef!!!