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Where's Tech Support When You Need Them?


Yesterday I typed out a pretty lengthy post and then went home. I came in today expecting to have a pretty good read; but the post is not there. I didn't get a PM saying they couldn't post it, it just never got posted.

Yeah, that pisses me off; but whats more is that (right now) I can't even fucking see the tech support thread/link anywhere.

This isn't the first time that has happened and I would LOVE an explanation on WTF is up with BOTH of these problems.


good morning.


It's at the bottom of this page right in the middle.Your welcome and good morning to you.


Go to Message Center at the top of this screen.

Then click Find My Posts.

Ta Da!




i honestly didn't know it was squeezed down there. i didn't see it on the thread list.

christine, the thread didn't post....so it's not on that list. :-/