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Where's SteelyD?


Did I miss a memo?

Maybe he's on a great vacation.

I hope he's not dead.


Same here plus I need some damn guitar advice


The Eagles got him.


Well someone PM him.


Where is Renton?
Anyone remember him?


He sent me a pm about how he got fed up with the attitude on the board lately and the call outs. I think a lot of people got turned off by that shit a couple of months back.

I was on my way out too simply because it was like no matter what was posted, someone was turning that into some all out flame thread.

That Bautista thread is still ridiculous.


probably in PWI...



Renton was a full of shit liar. I'm willing to bet he didn't even have cancer.



...I kid the professor...with love.



"What a tangled web we weave....."


Ill get him back for football season. He was a regular in the NFL thread. But I do understand what you mean, X you have been here a while it runs in cycles.


Thats a shame that he doesn't post here anymore.I really looked up to all the progress he made and he was at a level that I would like to be in the future in the 'iron game'.


I was wondering this myself. Hope he gets back on here sometime. Great work ethic and solid advice.


Also, where's four60?? Or did he just change his avatar? I'm sometimes easily confused by a changed avatar.

And yet again, LankyMofo seems to be tending to more important things!


I think people eventually just get bored of this site especially once they have their diet and training figured out.

Dig up any 5 year old+ thread and you'll see several posters that are big who no longer post here.

Maybe SteelyD was actually driven away but I think people eventually just lose interest in posting on a site about training.


I missed SteelyD's posts, he's one of the guys I really looked up to on this site, so I PM'd him in May he replied that he's just been busy and thanked me for checking in.


You're right. I've looked at old posts and you see old avatars and names that you've forgotten, but there's one forum that has the same names for a looong time...GAL.


Because everyone who posts in that sub forum daily is incapable of taking the advice of the sub forum's title...


Steely's busy hunting. I was in Maine over the weekend, and spotted his truck in a WalMart parking lot.