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Where's NateOrade?


Since I can't pm him, does anyone know what happened to his bitch ass?

Nate if you can read this, I hope everything isn't going ok. You knock me up and don't return my calls, prick.


They wouldn't let him change his screen name to GayNate so he quit the site.


HA! I still think Meat N Naters was the best one!


He admitted that he was Chang_Lee so now he posts under that fried french potato.


Yeah, I've been wondering where he is, too. I don't think I've seen him post at all for a few months now.

I hope nothing happened to him. Maybe Chang_Lee got mad at him for all of those post impersonations and tracked him down.


I still thought UriNate was good.


Weird. I was just wondering the same thing. Of course, Chang Lee hasn't posted in awhile either. Hmm....