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Where's My Spike Beanie?


Really liked the Spike beanie that GSP was sporting at UFC 58 just wondering when I can get mine.

Maybe I need to be a world class athlete that can actually benefit Biotest.

Tim has a good eye for talent, good choice on sponsoring GSP and to further suck up great choice on having TC and Shugart around.


I would be down for that!


Hey! Where's my beanie?


LOL... is T-Nation EVER going to make some hats?

There are so many threads about them, all they have to do is make one fitted cap, and one beanie... and they wouldnt even have to release anaconda anymore.

That being said... I'm down for a hat.


GSP gets all the good stuff


I'm down for a beanie or hat as well. "I wish Spike was such a crappy product that you had to offer us A free beanie or hat to get us to buy it." "If it was that crappy, I wouldn't want the beanie in the first place. Solution: Make some for us to buy! (Please, with creatine on it. (Not the beanie, the please.)


Good stuff "with creatine on it" lol



Next time any of us become the Welterweight champ, I'll bet they'll consider it...


if enough of us get together we could get them made. it wouldn't take that many. i bet a company would do it for like 30 hats. maybe less.


I would definitely buy a Spike beanie. I like to go running outside even when it's cold - I can't stand the "dreadmill" - so a fine looking beanie would be just the ticket for a nice run in the cold.


can anyone post a pic of said beanie that GSP was wearing?


I'd rather a simple Tribal T beanie if possible.


While we're at it how about a shaker cup too. After all it is christmas time.


I believe I was a bit buzzed when I made the original post but it is still no less valid.

A Spike Shooter beanie would be great. Especially for us hair challenged individuals.

Received a free elitefts.com sport beanie with my order last week. You can't let Dave Tate out market you, can you?