Where's My Breakfast Appetite?

I use to crave breakfast. Hunger was the main reason I woke up. Now for some reason it is very hard for me to chew down any breakfast. I could literally go 2-3 hours before feeling hungry in the morning.

I thought this was overtraining at first, I guess it could be, but when I examine my total workout volume and the fact that I’m trying to bulk now, I doubt that it’s OT syndrome.

I get plenty of recovery, I’m not doing aerobic cardio junk, only some conditioning/GPP intervals twice per week.

Could this just be a natural biological homeostasis mechanism? Is this just negative feedback from my bulk? I was doing great on my bulk for 3 weeks and now I want to throw each bite of oatmeal.

Does anyone have any similar experience or ideas? I know sometimes changing foods helps. Maybe I should go from oatmeal to grits for a while, or maybe even (“gasp”) a cereal!!!

I use to wake up to a 1/2 serving of Surge or similar drink, and that would stimulate some appetite like 30 minutes later due to insulin/blood sugar reasons. Are there any more tricks like that I might try?


I’m in the exact same boat. I have to force myself to eat every morning. Wish I knew how to change it, so I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

Maybe you’re pregnant? Ha ha ha.

Is it possible you are eating too much at night?
Most people I know need at least 20 minutes to feel “hungry”. That’s all I can think of, for now.

Man, I wish I had that problem… I wake up every morning hungry as hell… like a bear coming out of hibernation… Try eating 1/2 cup of cottage cheese before bed, I guarantee you that you’ll wake up as hungry as a bear too…

Either that or you can have some gravity-defying toss-her-around-like-a-ragdoll sex before bed to get your metabolism cranking…

or… you could do BOTH like I do… :wink:


I know what you mean. If 9am hits and I haven’t had any food yet(wake at 7am, drop son at school, come back for morning cardio/circuit training), I feel like I’m going to pass out. I HAVE to have at least a whey shake with some water right before I do my “cardio” or I’ll keel over. But when I wake I’m not hungry for at least an hour and a half.

I usually have some Grow! and/or cottage cheese with flaxseed oil before bed. It may some kind of homeostasis mechanism with the appetite. My body is resisting the bulk. I don’t want to resort to foods that are too “dirty” just to get my calories in. I used to crave oatmeal just fine, I want that back!

T-matt, looking at that rack to the left at least makes me thirsty!

Does anyone else have any ideas or experience with this?

What can I do to make myself hungrier for my winter bulk?

The later I eat at night, the hungrier I am the next morning. I don’t understand it, but I’ve always been that way.

What about blending some oatmeal with Grow! and anything else you want to put in there?

It might be easier to drink your whole breakfast than have to eat it.

The faster you eat, the more food you’ll get in before triggering that full fealing.

  1. Try changing foods. I personally like meat first thing in the morning. Turkey sausage and apples is a nice mix of protein, fat, and carbs.

  2. Have two breakfasts-- a shake when you first get up and then eggs, etc. two hours later.

I can’t eat oatmeal first thing in morning either. It makes me feel sick. Actually, any hot meal first thing usually makes me feel sick. My breakfast the last week or so has been 2 scoops of whey, a banana, some frozen blueberries, frozen peaches, and milk, blended. Delicious, and a great P+C meal.

Or don’t cook your oatmeal. I got this idea from Shugart. Mix some vanilla protein powder and water and use that as “milk,” then pour it over your oatmeal (with some blueberries or something) and let it sit for a couple minutes to soften. It’s kinf of like eating cereal.

[quote]T-Matt wrote:
. Try eating 1/2 cup of cottage cheese before bed, I guarantee you that you’ll wake up as hungry as a bear too…


WHy is this? I’ve noticed this too…

I have no appetite for the first ~4 hours of the day. I occaisionally am up for eggs, but most mornings I have a high calorie MRP since that goes down easy. That early the major drawback of MRPs (lots of sugary stuff) isn’t as much of an issue.

You on any supplements? Medications? Stressed?

Caffeine, nicotine, Hot Rx and, to a lesser extent, M, have curbed my appetite in the past.

Head meds can do the same. Hell, by just getting in moderate fat intake can curb your appetite (thats why gettin in alot of carbs and low fats is great for bulking)

both my carbs and fats are fairly high right now.

I took two days off of training, quit a job that was bothering me, slept in two days in a row. Dang, I’m hungry now.

Today was the first day in a while that I woke up hungry!!! I wasn’t necessarily overtrained, I was just overstressed.

I also switched from oatmeal to grits this morning. That made a huge difference. Sometimes you gotta give a certain food a break every now and then. The point is, I’m really hungry now that my stress has dropped a little.

This has taught me to be more in tune with all the variables, not just the training itself.

Live and learn. Stress can sneak up on you.

Underdog… well, protein is extremely thermogenic and really gets the metabolism cranking (remember that cc is all casein protein and casein protein is very slow digesting).Also, if you eat fat free cottage cheese then there’s no fat to provide any satiety or slow down the digestion process…


T-Matt - Yeah that makes sense, but it seems as though anything (fats and carbs may be as well)one eats will make them hungrier in the morning than if they didn’t eat at all before bed? Probably the blood sugar crash from carbs if by themselves. I can’t remember if fats have done this to me. I’m thinking more of a really big cheat meal you would eat kinda late at night. Always hungry in the morning.

By the way that avatar is hypnotizing. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t move…