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Where's My Appetite?


Today i ate 2 pop tarts and 5 glasses of sweet tea. WTF....I have no idea what's going on with my body. I was eating around 4000 cals a day and today i had no appetite to eat anything. I forced myself to eat those 2 pop tarts. I felt hungry but whenever i would put food into my mouth i kept chewing and chewing, eventually spitting it out. I was unable to swallow. Has this happened to anyone? I'm currently taking a week off and i really wanted to pig out during that time. Hopefully i make up for this tomorrow.


what kind of pop tarts where they?


Cherry, what does that have to do with anything?


cinnamon pop tarts for the win!


I like the chocolate ones with the marshmallow filling.


Yea the cinnamon is a favorite!...I eat cherry now because i add peanut butter to it.


Chocolate pop tarts right out of the freezer = win.


Some terrible taste in pop tarts in this thread. =p


Don't worry too much about it man. We all have days where our appetite is nonexistant, especially if you've been force feeding yourself for an extended period of time. As long as it's only a one day thing it shouldn't hinder your progress.

Try doing 20-30 minutes of very low intensity cardio on an empty stomach right when you wake up. Just go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. This will jumpstart your metabolism for the day, and with such low intensity you don't need to worry about burning muscle.

Good luck.


could be a sign of overtraining according to one of the authors here (forgot which though)


I've been feeling this way lately too. What I've been doing is just trying to eat bigger meals (like normal people do lol) less frequently. That way, I'm actually hungry. I'm also less interested in cooking than usual, so it's a bad combination.

The whole overfeeding for a long time thing makes me wonder if periods of lesser intake are necessary. I remember when I was dieting, particularly before my competition, I could eat SO much if given the opportunity. I remember afterwards, I literally stuffed myself so full ALL DAY that I could barely breathe and ended up vomiting it out due to the lack of room down there. NOTHING in my body told me to stop though, just a firmly filled gut.




Reeeally? Wow, it's funny how anything that starts to go 'wrong' with your body seems to be linked to being overtrained.

I hope someone remembers or links an article, because that's one I don't remember myself.


I don't think the article said that if you lose your appetite it means that you're overtraining, more like overtraining can lead to lose of appetite.


Damn straight!


See, I think the chocolate ones with the white sprinkles and the chocolate filling are pretty killer.

That much chocolatey goodness COMMANDS respeck.


You rookie bastards.

Pop-tart and peanut butter sandwiches.

That's where it's at.


I've always had bad eating habits and never ate breakfast up until college (last year). For about the first 2

week I had to force myself to eat breakfast. I usually have an insatiable hunger the rest of the day when I

get a huge breakfast but god forbid I don't eat breakfast for 2 days, otherwise i'm back to square one again.


About this overtraining thing, i haven't been to the gym since the 6th so I really doubt its that. Today my eating was somewhat back on track so it's all good. Maybe my stomach just needed a break.

Brant- I already called the pop tart and peanut butter sandwiches, no rookie here :slightly_smiling:


Maybe you appetite's hiding in some dudes flab....

Unfrosted cherry PoP Tarts FTW!!!!