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Where's LankyMofo?


It just dawned on me I haven't seen him around in a while and just checked and his last log in was Nov. 11th!

Anybody know what's up?


Great question. I haven't seen that Bob Saget looking mother in a while.


I'm his alt.


Didn't he just have a kid? Probably changing diapers.


He has a kid now.

He is busy and spending his time on other stuff I guess


I guess his newborn child is more important than his internet friends.

Well fuck him, then. I mean, if he gonna be a dick like that.


I miss his posts. But being a new Dad and tied up with responsibilities related to that makes a lot of sense.



I really, really hope, for your kid's sake you don't act like that or think that way when you have them


x2. That's just silly BruceLeeFan.

Well handled there Beans, a while ago we might of seen a more stinging response from you but lately a lot more tempered, controlled and centred Beans. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah! Silly me forgot he had the baby.

That's great news then. I was a little worried.


Lanky's had a bit of erectile dysfunction lately, and doesn't feel very worthy of T-Nation.

Let's hope he's up in no time.



^^ It's weird how that is how I see Lanky now.


Nothin wrong with doin the dad thing - he's probably sleeping at every opportunity! The first year CAN be rough...


Any of you fuckers miss me when I was away?


His wife took away his Internet access.


I would miss you but I think you always post in the serious parts of T-Nation where I fear to tread.




For realz? Aww...gimme a hug...no wait...smile and a wave are fine mi wiggling amigo...