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Where's Kliplemet??

So based on his last posts he must have been killed right?

Whats his last post?

He probably just broke his nunchucks and went to find a karate supply store. Maybe he got attacked by some throwing stars and chased some ninjas into the jungles of Thailand. Seppuku for failing to defend the that hot girls honor? Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

i thought it was the “ran out of time with prostitute” thread… but apparently he was going into a gang fight, then never posted after that. What a nut!

He is probably dead in the trunk of a hookers car in one of those wierd situations where the reverse of normal events has happened.

Perhaps he has violated by the tentacles of a large octopi?

He’s in Japan, learning Hentai and buying used panties of young girls that they sell in machines over there. He’s a sniffer.

bump on this… here are his two last posts:


That was really entertaining stuff. The picture really put it over the top. The prostitute thread was also great.

This guy used to post on Mens Health forums and didn’t seem too odd from his posts over there.

At the dentist.