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Where's Dan Fouts?


Has anyone seen or heard from him lately? Did he change his name again? I miss him so much.




And to prove my anti-brokeback tendencies: Wheres Karma? I miss her so much.


Dan Fouts last post was only a week ago. You wouldn't even start looking for a lost cat, until it had been gone about 2 weeks. I miss Fat Tony.

Perhaps we need a 'Lost and Found' forum.

\|/ 3Toes


He is tied up in my basement and I am not letting him out until he starts being a bad boy.


I miss Karma too.

Dan I could do without, he's such a bastard.


Didn't Dan Fouts retire back in, what, the early 90's????


Dan went crazy and I had to shoot him. His corpse is now providing fertilizer for my tomato plants.

Karma always had the best posts. I think her posts on the "salad tossing" thread were the greatest of all time.


I partied with him last weekend. He is doing well, but really has cut his time here because it ends up being counter-productive!


Who is Dan Fouts?


Yeah, where's that pussy been? Oh, ask Rockscar, I think he knows.


I miss Mr. push ups, too.


This thread is making me all nostalgic. I'm about to cry.

Alright, not really.

But Karma does need to come back. Karma, where art thou?


I've been thinking the same thing. The OLAD Support Group thread has stagnated as Dan seemed to contribute about 90% of the posts there.

Dan, come back!


I hear that.

I miss Karma too, that saucy little kitten.



Whatever happened to MonkeyBoy Eric? Oh, back in the day...


What happened to Tampa-Terry?


Yeah, but nobody gives a shit about a lost cat. Best kind of cat, in my opinion. Except, of course, for the three-legged one my friend owns. That shit's funny.

Dan Fouts, on the other hand... the man's a legend.


Or how about a Lostinthought one? eh, bad idea. :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, what happened to Elkhntr or however he spelled it...?


MBE, Goldberg, Patricia, Joe weider, Thunder, There used to ba alot of what we considered "vets" and this is probably years ago now. I wonder if people think I'm a vet? Monkey fuck erick was seriously a funny dude though.



TT got hired by T-Nation.