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Where's Bryant Gumbel When You Need Him?

I suppose, if you’re not good enough to be in the, more traditional International Olympics, you can declare a ‘handicap’ and compete here.

If you think it’s not ‘declaring a handicap’ then how is it different than the normal olympics, since heterosexuals are allowed to compete?

And interestingly enough, for all those who say that specific diseases and behavior aren’t associated with the gay community or that legal concessions won’t be made for same said community in the name of “equality”;

I also liked the line here:

“Chicago organizers are hoping that the sixth month advance notice will increase participation.”

So, you want to increase participation by second rate non-citizen athletes who choose to label themselves as gay (whether they are or not) and have HIV/AIDS? Tolerance at its best.

Apparently, I’m the only one who cares, and it’s a small victory, but FUCK YEAH!


[i]Amid voices of support and opposition Thursday night, the Crystal Lake Park District board rejected a proposal to hold a controversial rowing competition in town that will be part of this summer’s Gay Games in Chicago

Commissioner David Phelps, who joined Scott Breeden in opposition, said he believes that the Gay Games are more about politics than athletics.[/i]

I’m not happy about some of the ‘ugliness’ the article discusses, but Commissioner Phelps hit the nail on the head.