Where to work in my speed/agility training sessions

Assuming i do full body strength workouts mon/wed/fri when would be the best time to do speed/agility training? I’d like to do them every day that i’m not doing strength but would this be too much?

Should i do them before lifting or what? After?

What would be the best time to do these without overtraining?


i realized the best thing to do is experiment with that. this overtraining stuff has been drilled into our heads. everybody is different, i personally am able to do 3-4 heavy weight workouts and 6 sport specific workouts during a week. i do my sport/agility/drills in the mornings (7am), and workouts more towards the afternoon (1,2,or 3pm).

check out the elitefts.com site, the coach x traning log, its in q&a, goes over some football training preseason and inseason

Why not try a Pendulum approach? That is what I am doing right now. I also do full body strength workouts on M,W,F and then the next week I do speed/assistance on the same day an alternate these two weeks.

Speed/agility work requires an unfatigued CNS to get the most benefit so most people do them the same day as a weight session. Do them before with your weight session ideally 4 hours or more later.

speed work before weights.

You want to sprint on the same day as your weights in order to let the CNS have a day to recover. Sprint first; then you have 2 options, strength train directly after your speed sessions or as creed said, wait around 4-5 hours after speed work.

If you train directly after, you may notice a slight dropoff in strength level (not much at all though), however you will have more recovery times b/w speed sessions.

If you train 4 or so hours after speed than you will probably be a little more efficient in the weight room but will have less recovery time before the next speed session.

I use a combination of both methods depending on how much time throughout the day I have to sprint and strength train.

Make sure you are sprinting at 95% or above, any less and you are wasting your time unless you are doing tempo runs and if so, then you should do them at about 70% or lower so that you don’t fatigue the CNS. Do your tempo runs on T, TH, Sat. or basically on your off days. Take Sunday off. The tempo runs help with recovery and can shed some extra bodyfat if that is an issue.

Go to Charliefrancis.com for more info on sprinting such as volume,intensity, etc.

Now, Go Run!

when i was experimenting with doing my sprint/agility/drills anywhere between 2-1 hour before my strength workouts, i was 100% weaker and it felt like crap.

so ya 4 hours or more seems to be fine.

Keep track of your sprinting volume as well. I’ve seen many athletes keep perfect records of what they do in the gym, however they have no idea how many total yards they sprinted. You can have perfect log keeping in the weightroom and not so perfect log keeping on the field or track and find yourself overtrained.

Make sure you PWO after your speed sessions as well.