Where to Vacation Alone?

where would you go or have you gone when or if vacationing alone?

Probably a cruise. Everything is taken care of for you and many of them are designed with single people in mind.


Go to a travel website and look for their “all-inclusive” section. Most of the locations are tropical and the money you pay takes care of room, food, and booze.

I spent a week alone in Dublin a couple years back. I had a pretty good time.

I prefer to do pretty much any touring, or traveling alone. Dragging someone else along is a burden, having to negotiate a schedule of when to see which sites is annoying. If I show up at the british museum, planning to spend two hours, but realize there’s too much shit there to see in a day, I might want to spend the whole weekend there, and that’s cool.

And if shit happens, and I run out of money and have to spend a few nights out on the streets of some strange city (as happened to me in Edinburgh), it’s not a big deal. If I had someone else along I’d feel guilty for making them sleep in the gutter with me.

Before I see another country, I’d like to see more of this one, either by motorcycle, or maybe hiking the Appalachian trail.

I went to a resort alone. I met some cool people. Even 2 girls that would have dinner with me every night. They were fun and loved to party. It was a great experience. Although a lot of resorts make you pay the full double rate.

You probably can’t go wrong with those singles resorts in the Caribbean if all you’re looking for is scenery and sex.

Personally, I would go to Croatia/Bosnia-Hercegovina/Serbia, but that is because that is where my family is from. And, that is where I want to vacation regardless of who I’m with.

Thailand, but that’s me.

I want to ride my motorcycle cross country.



Any where there are people

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
I want to ride my motorcycle cross country.[/quote]

My girlfriend an I rode our bikes halfway across the country (New England to South Dakota) this past summer. A buddy and I have vague plans to someday ride Route 66 and bowl at out-of-the-way alleys.

[quote]Chewie wrote:

I think it would be best to have a few dependable friends to moderate your sampling of the local delicacies or at least take pictures of you all messed up.

Cambodia. You cant screw as many young girls as you want.

Go to a campground and set up tent for a couple of weeks. You’ll meet some fascinating people.

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
if all you’re looking for is scenery and sex.[/quote]

exactly what else is there to look for in a vaca?!!! hahaha

quick trip, need a beach…Just don’t want to do the Pattaya thing again if I don’t have to. Maybe other areas of Thailand, Goa, India…

[quote]Sikkario wrote:
Cambodia. You cant screw as many young girls as you want.[/quote]

So why go there and torture yourself then?