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Where to Train?


I live in central Florida and I was wondering if anyone trained there and new of a good gym to train at that would have strong man tools. I'm kinda lost in where to go i play college football and have a good base strength and want to enter a competition but i dont want to get my butt kicked. Any information would be great. Thank you


Go to nastrongmaninc.com and find the page listing the state chairs. I believe Florida is Tom Mitchell, but not sure. The state chair'll be able to tell you if there's anything in your area. Also, Shakes on here used to train in FL. If there's no one around you you'll have to either buy your own stuff, or macguyver it up in the gym. If you buy, the two most trusted names are Pitbull and Bigg Dogg Strongg. Bigg Dogg is a bit more expensive, but that stuff would survive a nuclear apocalypse


Check out the Swole Patrol Guys. They have a gym in Tampa I believe and Mandler specializes in Strong Man.


I assume that you mean somewhere in the Orlando area. There are a couple of options:

Deb's Gym in Lakeland is where ASC Pro Scott Weech trains, and I believe ASC Pro Brad Dunn also trains there sometimes. Depending on where you live you may also want to check out Samson Strength & Conditioning in Port St. Lucie - there are a few competitors who train there and they have all of the implements as well.


If you are going to drive out to the Tampa area I would get in touch with Elliott Hulse / Strength Camp. He is an ASC Pro Strongman and experienced strength coach with a great training facility.


Thanks for all the help I'm on the east coast by merritt island. Orlando is about an hour drive which isnt that bad i'll defenitly give those places a try. I know strong man and weightlifting are two totally different things but does anyone think I could be competetive with these numbers even though I've never done any strongman training? squat 550, deadlift 505 (i've never really trained deads before just started 8 weeks sgo) bench 430..


What is your bodyweight? And what are the events for the contest that you are looking at?

Based on your gym strength you should be competitive in some of the static events once you learn the technique on the implements; though some events will depend more on your athleticism and conditioning.


Im 5'9 270. I'm not to sure about the events. I'm a total beginner with this. I play college football ( Guard )... So I like to think I'm fairly athletic.


I think you'll do fine. Bench press numbers have little to no direct correlation to strongman, HOWEVER, 430 suggests some brute strength. Deadlifting 505 after 8 weeks is pretty good, but you've got to keep working on that, since compared to other competitors, your deadlift is a weak point. I think the fact that you're athletic enough to play college ball is a huge plus. I'm not saying you'll get your pro card in a month or something, but I doubt you'll bomb anything, and you'd probably only come in last if your class was really stacked. So yeah, jump in


Thanks for the help! I found a competition this summer so I think I'll enter. I might start a training log after spring ball is over this week so come check it out and I love advice so if youve got any let me have it... Thanks