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Where to Train in San Diego?

Does anyone reccomend a particular facility or training group in the San Diego area? I will visiting this week and wouldn’t mind taking in some training and perhaps meeting or observing some experienced Trainers and Coaches. Open to any style. Thanks

there is always golds in Pacific Beach, but if you are looking for the hardest of the SD hardcore try giving these two a phone call :

619-971-5330 for James Kegrice who used to own two gyms

and 619-994-7731 for Quinn and they “may” be able to help you out…

When I’m there, I’ve always enjoyed quick sprints session on the grass/sand at mission bay or la jolla (when it’s too sunny everywhere else)

I should also mention a postworkout surf and turf burrito, pretty much mandatory

Hodad’s is a great place for the killer burger in Ocean Beach.

Go train at the 24hr Fitness in Hillcrest. An experience like that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Now Now PH Digger, play nice ; )

[quote]killerDIRK wrote:
Now Now PH Digger, play nice ; )[/quote]

What did I do? It’s not like I told him to go shop at the Trader Joes in Hillcrest…

He would probably be safer in the Trader Joe’s. I am playing with ya. I lived in SD for 17 years before moving north to Mammoth Lakes…so I know of where you speak !

x2 for 24 Hour in Hillcrest.

Fun fact: I saw that chick with the forehead tattoo that Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock (sp?) with working out there before.

shock fitness downtown has quite the eye candy… pretty standard commercial gym…