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Where to Target a New MMA Site?


Hi everyone,

I'm considering starting a new MMA site, as I've wanted to do it for a while now and something's come up.

In short, where can I target it so it's actually worth doing?


MMA Fan Site - news / ufc / mma / other promotions / training at home dvds / books / guides / articles / interviews etc.

Sounds good but been done by everyone? ^

MMA Fighters site ? no idea on name or what to call it but... basically everything a fighter needs/wants - training and conditioning guides, fitness, fight prep, training dvds + books, fight wear / gear.

more original ^ but obviously the store aspect has already been done.

Final idea that I had.

Some kind of website that links training overseas to training in the UK / USA.

This is (I think) the best / most original niche / but I have frankly no idea how I could go about it or how it would be sustainable (i dont need to make money but I need to cover some of the costs!) and the only way i'd get the clubs would be to email them in english anyways so it's not like i have a language advantage or anything :smiley: :frowning:

Any thoughts / slating / critiscms / ideas would be gratefully received, hoping for some slightly more intellectual responses as I know many of you guys are switched on!



You need a product.

Something you can deliver cheaper or better than anyone else is doing.

If you had someway to create cheap, easy, packaged deals for overseas training, that would be awesome.

I think in the end it comes down to money: between the internet age we live in, and the crowd you're interested in catering to, I don't think doing a little extra legwork for people (setting something up they could setup on their own, or selling a product for the same price they could get it elsewhere) will cut it.

The last idea sounds great, but then you eluded to a lack of language skills or connections, so you'd basically be playing travel agent.