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Where to Start

I am looking for answers on what i should do as far as training and nutrition. Short story, High school i was like 190 fat, got down to 160 in aug 2005 when i decided to do something about it but i still had love handles and some ab definition now im at 170 and i want to be ripped and still maintain my muscle. but I dont know what to eat or how much to eat. I want to also get bigger but i dont want my waist to get any bigger that what it already is. i measured my stomach the other day it was 37 in. around the belly button. But i wear size 33 in trousers and 34s fit big. I dont get it when i measure my waist i exhale and dont hold my stomach in. So The question is do i try to bulk up more or do i say screw it and just cut, cut , cut.

Sounds like a question better suited for the beginners forum, but…

  • Look into the nutrition articles here, get into the stuff by Berardi.

  • If you are a beginner and you start working out seriously, and eating well, you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, for a while.

  • Generally, you’ll have to actually have muscles to look good. You may have to give up on the skinny look for a while to build muscles, but later on you can lean down and show them off.

In short, you can’t show them off if you don’t have them, no matter how lean you are. It sounds like you are too worried about lean and not worried enough about quality mass.

I am new to the bodybuilding aspect of it I have been on that ABS diet for the longest time and i have not beeb getting alot of cals. Then i just overeat on the weekends, I lost motivation that I had when i first started the ABS diet. I had somewhat of a 8 pack just needed to get the bottom abs into check. But i had the love handles still there…basically a skinny guy, some people would come up to me and say i went to far and i looked sick but the pack was there…
So even though I have a big stomach you would say eat more but keep it clean and try to gain good Mass.