Where to Start?


Training properly: 6 months
4 months before that, I decided I was way too skinny and just started to eat everything.

I’m 21 now, and am at 97kg’s. At best guess, I’d say I wasn’t that much above 11 or 12% body fat. I’m about 6’3" tall.

When I was 18 I only weighed about 65-69 Kg’s.
(I’m in Australia, so for example 100kg’s is about 215 pounds.)

Since I’ve been training, I’ve really gained a solid 6 or 7 Kg’s muscle. I try to eat reasonably low fat and healthy, but still eat some ‘not clean’ food - like pizza’s or burgers because I feel I still need to bulk a bit.

For the last 6 months, I’ve been taking PVL Lean Mass Builder

It’s a 50/50 Protein/Carb bulker and I found it worked well. I just bought the ON 100% Whey. I’m planning to buy a better post work out product and take both throughout the day. I was taking a PVL Creatine Ethyl Ester too, but now I’m trying something from BSC. The Ethyl Ester seemed much better than what I’m using now.

I also take Fish Oil capsules and am trying to eat 6 meals a day - it’s hard to fit it in around working full time though.

I started doing a sort of full body work out, and don’t have much experience with weight lifting techniques. (For the big lifts)

I was going to try CT’s OVT Program or similar, but I need to learn better technique.
I’d really appreciate any advice - ANYTHING. Diet, routines to start with etc… etc…

Goal: To get big like CT and Stan McQuay. They’re physiques are my inspiration…


Don’t forget your healthy fats. Its a general recommendation to get 25-30% of your total caloric intake from fats. Particlarly Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated. The fish oil is a good start but some olive oil,a little red meat, salmon ect would go a long way.


Yep I didn’t comment much on my diet.

I do eat eggs, red meat about 4 times a week,olive oil on salad dressings etc…


I would definitely recommend CT’s OVT program. I’ve used it a few times with great success. I also transitioned from OVT to the “New GVT” and did well. As a fellow tall guy, work on good technique of deep squats. Tall guys like us can put a lot of weight on in the legs. Also, don’t be afraid of deadlifts, any kind. If you can get your hands on a trap bar to do them that’s great. I personally do mostly sumo style, but when I first started the trap bar was nice because the position was more comfortable and form was better.