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Where to Start.


I am just curious, what workout did you guys start with? Just curious what programs gave what results?


I'm going to guess that most people just started out stumbling in the dark. It takes years for some of us to actually find a good source of information and get into sensible training.


I agree. I don't know anyone who actually started with a defined plan, more like a random attempt at working out that slowly evolved into a good routine.


Yeah, I wish this place had of existed when I was younger...

If someone is just starting out, simply pick any well rounded routine and hit the gym... progress is that easy at first.


I started with a Joe Weider program that I bought out of a comic book. This was in June of 1967 when I had just graduated from high school. I put on 25 pounds that summer. It just goes to show you that just about any program works for a beginner. As an aside, my best friends older sister said that I looked great. I've been hooked for life.


I read bruce lee's "the art of expressing the human body" when i was like 16 and got my first routine from there, not exactly great, but it got me started.


I started on the action hero program by Jorge de May. Helped me lose a lot of weight along with some muscle. Although, it's more for the abercrombie model type of guys rather than body builders. Than again, people want to see the ripped and shredded abercrombie models in the movies coughBradd Pitt*cough*


I just bought a pair of dumbells and starting lifting them in different ways. I started reading stuff online, and slowly added new movements to 'The Workout'.

Keep in mind, the best workout is one that you can and will actually do.


Just make sure you don't get so worked up in researching the perfect workout/diet that you never actually do anything. Your first goal should be developing an active mindset, and then fine-tuning the details as you go.

You can even start with just squats, bench presses, and deadlifts to get your form down and build some core strength up, and then add on some rows/presses later. Lift heavy and eat clean.


just pick any program, they all work...

workout with intensity, don't half-ass it...

eat plenty of food...

get alot of rest...


you now know 99% of what you need to know to make great gains...

good luck!


I started with an Ian King program from a fitness magazine... when I got through that I searched the web for more stuff from him and found this site and did another program from King.

I think it was a good program for beginners as it had a good deal of variety and different stages targeted strength and hypertrophy.