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Where To Start?

Ok I have a few “beginner” questions. I’m almost in information overload as I continue to delve through the archives and try to find my next program. I’ve been lifting on a 3x split working the full body in less than an hour. I’m currently 5’9", 181 lbs, 16% bf by rough estimates. I’ve been lifting off and on over the past couple months mainly due to a constantly varying work schedule (8 ? 16 hrs depending on OT requirements). I work in the afternoons 1:30 to when I get done usually getting to bed by 4 am at the latest (when I work upwards of 16 hrs). I belong to a modestly outfitted gym (they have all the hammer strength you could ever want, but only 1 crappy power rack dangit). I have not maxed on any lifts for quite a bit of time (almost 9 months) but my most recent lifts:

Flat Barbell Bench: 4 x 180
Sumo Deads: 5x225
Squats: 5x180 (going for 8 reps, got down on 6th rep and failed (4th set))

Previous 1-rep maxes were done around may of last year and were
Flat BB Bench: 235 lbs
Deadlift: 315 lbs
Back Squat: 285 lbs

My plan:

I want to start the Velocity Diet on Feb. 1st and stay on it until the end of February.
I would like to start a program to maximize the amount of muscle I have while not overloading my system on this low carb / low cal diet.

So that is the big issue. I’ve looked at so many different workouts that I don’t know which one to try. I am willing to try anything but I’ve often had the best success with low rep, high weight programs (I gained 14 lbs bulking in 10 weeks using the Tsunami Program). I would take a full week of rest at the end of Feb for a trip to Cancun and then come back with maybe a slight bulking routine depending on how lean I was at the time.

My current diet consists of me getting approximately 2800-3200 kcals depending on activity level. Foods come from chicken, beef, breads, nuts, cottage cheese, milk, eggs, pb, and fruit / veggies. PWO = 60grams of carbs,22g of protein, 5 g creatine. Other supps: daily multi, HOT-ROX, and maybe Methoxy-7.

If anyone would be kind to offer any input I would appreciate it. Thanks again for all advice and I’m often on here at work and at home lurking so if you have any questions for me just ask away.


i don’t think i’d recommend Velocity Diet if you want to gain muscle. for now, go to a slightly higher than maitenence calorie intake. as in, consume maybe 200 to 400 more calories per day than what’s needed to maintain your current weight. make sure you’re getting at least 300g of carbs, and at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. if you find that you’re no where near those requirements, you can probably keep calories at maitenence level rather than above and just change the stuff around to meet the requirements. with that in order, use Chad Waterbury’s ABBH program or waterbury method program, preferrably ABBH. after that, then use the velocity diet with one of the following programs:

Chad Waterbury’s Next Big Three Program
Don Alessi’s Meltdown Training
Charles Staley’s Escalated Density Training Program
or Chad Waterbury’s Waterbury Method (which is why i reccomend ABBH for gaining muscle and strength back, so that this is an option).


Thank you for your post. I do believe I should clarify myself. Due to time restrictions I want to try to maximize the amount of muscle I currently own ie: keep as much as possible, while rolling along on the velocity diet. After i complete the diet and get my week of rest / relaxation I’ll be back to try to pack on some muscle. I haven’t looked at Waterbury’s Next Big Three program or Charle’s Staley’s program either so I will look at them.
Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.