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Where to Start?

I’m 22, 6"3 and I weight 285 pounds. Was always a very active kid, but due to very bad genetics, and an even worse diet, I have been overweight since I was around 9 years old. A few years ago, at around 18, I got in decent shape, but a bad breakup and Uni life made me gain more weight than I had previously lost.

My family is overall very overweight, and some of the men are diabetic too, so my need for help goes much further than just the way I look. I’d say I’m fairly “athletic”; as athletic as someone who’s been sedentary for a couple of years can be. Grew up playing lots of sports, swimming and football mostly, so I guess I have a good stature. I’ve been told I’m overweight because I have no shame, since my figure would look really good if I put more effort in (my legs are fairly muscular and I have very broad shoulders).

I have made my mind up to change my lifestyle, but I am very confused as to what my diet should look like. Does anybody have any tips? I can’t really afford a nutritionist, and the endless amounts of information available online make it near impossible to not keep clicking on different links when looking for answers. I constantly get some “mental blocks” too when trying to diet, where I cut my carbs to low lvls (~50g a day) but my head keeps telling me I am going too low for my size and that will just be bad for me.

Any help is very appreciated.

This is about as good a guide as I’ve found. It worked very well for me.


So this is where you started your transformation? I’ve been looking for something similar. Thanks for sharing.

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Pretty much. First three to four months I just dropped calories, then when I slowed down I went to this. I’d known about it since I started as far as I remember, but didn’t implement it from the get go. Arguably it would have been more efficient I’d I had, but everything worked out anyway.

If this is the case for the first 4-6 weeks just focus on training damn hard and dont obsess over diet. Make turning up to the gym 3+ times a week the main goal.

By all means cut out all junk and sugar crap but other than that as long as you eat normal whole foods I wouldn’t worry about macro ratios until you hit say 250.

try one of these plans to get you going…

(if pick this one, do several warmups for the 5RMs)

I’m personally a huge advocate of stronglifts 5x5…

You’re here, which is great, but to be honest, you’re going to see a lot of different opinions, training styles, and supplement regiments here that are definitely not for beginners

That isn’t to say you cannot take value from them, but that at different points in a persons gym life they will need different programs to get results.

Right now all you need are the following:

  1. An understanding of macro nutrients and calories.

  2. A progressive resistance program that teaches you the big lifts that will bring you the biggest results

  3. The mindset and attitude to wait and grind and get results even though you do not see them in the mirror for the first few weeks.

These are the principles that will set the sail on your ship, so to speak, in the right direction.

I am on mobile and haven’t been around fitness discussions for a while so I don’t have any nutrition basics for you, but for now get myfitnesspal on your phone for free.

Secondly, go to stronglifts.com

Third, if your gym has a real trainer that is adept at training and teaching

  • military press
  • bench press
  • squats
  • deadlift

Then hire that person and learn these.

On an extreme budget, use the videos stronglifts provides to teach you. Better having a real person show you though.

Btw, you don’t need that person beyond learning these basic lifts.

Make sense?
This of course is all my opinion and you feel free to disagree with me I guess.

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