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Where to Start?

Hello all. I have a question in regards to the 5/3/1 program. I have read both the original book (2nd edition) and Beyond 5/3/1 and understand the concepts decently well. I am just not sure where to start. There are so many variations between the books and articles online such as NOV, triumvirate, etc. My goal is simply focused around being stronger and getting more conditioned for the time being, but I want to run 5/3/1 for a long long time through cycles of BBB and others, but for now the above goals are what I am striving for.

My current lifts are a 150 OHP, 225 Bench, 405 Deadlift, and a 350 Squat. I have been doing no conditioning and spinning my wheels which is why I turned to 5/3/1. I think I just got a little overwhelmed with all of the assistance work templates and think I would like to focus on the basics like dips, back extensions, and pull ups, but was not sure exactly how to program them in. I also was not exactly sure how I should go about the setup in regards to the original 5/3/1 setup or the latest I read with pyramid, first set last, Jokers, etc. I am looking forward to adding in some hill sprints too! Any advice is appreciated!

I would suggest starting with the Basic 5/3/1 progression and the Triumvirate template. Start slow and build slow. Jim has said that the original 5/3/1 progression is often the best way to go for even experienced lifters. Don’t get yourself confused with all the different templates. Start with the basics and build your base before experimenting.

Triumvirate 4-6 months -will engrain the value of progress on the top set
do sprints/45 minsHIIT on one of the off days, (preferably not day before squats!)
Beyond 1.1
Beyond 1.2
Beach body challenge
then template of your choice from Beyond book

= pretty much years worth on contnual gainz

This guy made great progress running througha bunch of templates also…

I would do this, I agree there is a lot of info to start but it wasn’t always like this and part of the success was it worked well then.

  1. Do the original for 3-6 cycles as described here https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/531-how-to-build-pure-strength

  2. Eventually you might start to want to make your own modifications, don’t, at least for a long while

  3. Reread the beyond 5/3/1 and/or just get the new 5/3/1 forever book, see if any of the variations fit your complaints about the original and do those as your modification rather than something you make up that you think will be better but probably won’t.

So just pick one day to do the sprints instead of doing them after the training sessions? Just curious because of the NOV setup.

And thanks to you guys! I appreciate it!

Worked well for me and a lot of others here, not make or break either way tho