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Where to Start?


I am trying to figure out where to start. I think I either have some low T or maybe a thyroid issue. I have an appointment setup with a low T center for T testing but I am not sure if going there is the best choice... I was just thinking they might know more about low T and what to do than my Dr. My morning temp is 97.2 to 97.6 when I wake up.

Main issue that has triggered me looking is I can't seem to lose any weight no matter what I eat or how I workout on top of that when I was researching that issue I started to realize I had other symptoms of low t. So I am just trying to figure out should I go to the low t Center or start with the Dr. and if start with the Dr. Do I just make an appt telling them I want that tested or just tell them my symptoms? I appreciate any help you all can offer.

  • Age -30
    -261 to 270
    -Arms and leg hair is very light and patchy, bottom part of my forearm has more hair than the top. Chest hair is very little. Facial hair is there and grows okay on the lips and my chin but it's very thin and light but between lips and chin it's patch and cheeks are patchy.

-Carry most of my fat in Upper arms (biceps), Waist and chest... man boobs.
-Not major issues before but recently starting to feel less motivated to move and when I get home in the evening I fall asleep so easily while trying to relax and watch TV or play a video game. I have been working on my weight loss for over 2 years now. The first year I lost 100 pounds the last nine months I have gone between 261 and 270 and I can't drop below that no matter my diet or exercise level. My libido has been low the past few years and seems to keep dropping. I have had some recent mood swings where I get annoyed real easy recently or have some small times of depression.
-No RX or OTC outside of some daily men vitamins

-None yes
-Diet is good and clean with some fruit or some type of protein in the morning maybe even some oatmeal along with some yogurt if I get hungry. Lunch I might have a small portion of left over which normally has a bit of chicken or beef something with some left over veggies like squash, green beans, zucchini, broccoli and so on.

Lunch could also be some type of sandwich or a salad and then on the side I will get some fruit and maybe a serving of almonds. Dinner is the same as before with some type of protein normally chicken or pork but will do lean beef as well with large servings of veggies. When I do some hard working out I will snack on some more fruit, maybe have an extra serving at dinner or have an extra serving of almonds and also sometimes do some almond milk.

-I do around 1 to 2 hrs of jui jitsu 3 to 4 days a week and then I will go for a short run... around 30 min or bike for 30 min 2 to 3 days a week and rest 100% on at least one day
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? No
-Morning wood the past few years have slowed down or not even been as hard. It still happens but not as much when I was mid to low 20's


How old are you?

From my personal experience, you sound like you have some issues going on that should be checked out. Some of your symptoms are similar to what I had (been on t treatment for about a year). The low t center doesn't do too much evaluation (again from personal experience). If your T levels come back low, they will say, "let's get you some Test". There could be other issues causing your low test (if that's what you have). I believe there are some good threads on finding a good doctor. From what I've read, there are a lot of idiot MD's who don't know what to look for or treat properly.

That being said, and again from personal experience, once you get it figured out and dialed in, you will feel like a different person. Good luck.


30yrs old. So it sounds like my personal Dr. might be where to start? You said you had similar issues... Did you go to your Dr. and just tell him pretty much what I said on here?


Yeah, I would start with your doctor and see how he can (or cannot) help.

Read this, it's good advice in your situation: