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Where to Start?

Hey guys, im completely new to bodybuilding and while I dont want to be a bodybuilder I still want a nice physique. Should I do cardio or just weights? Im an average weight, not fat, but I still have a layer of fat over my 6 pack. Ive never trained with weights before - how do I find the different techniques, and what weights should I buy?


eat 1g of protein per lb of your bodyweight

cut out refined foods

get on a decent weight training program. Starting Strength or Stronglifts are good choices for a beginner as they’ll teach you the basic barbell lifts. Once you’ve done that for a while (months, not weeks) you can start to tweak things to fit your individual goals and physique.

It’d probably be easier just to join a gym than to buy weights. It’s more expensive in the long term but it means you won’t be held back by a lack of equipment.

Happy lifting!

if you can make progress without eating any refined foods, more power to you. you should definitely try to eliminate packaged meats from your diet if you can. however, I used to think that refined carbs were no good… until I replaced the 3.5 cups of white rice I’d been eating preWO for 5 pop tarts. the pop tarts go down so much more easily, and I’ve gained 7 lb in the last month while losing an average 4-5mm off of my ab pinches.

YMMV of course. I do my compound lifts in the morning followed by 10 minutes of HIIT, and my PM session has all of my isolation work done in supersets or tri-sets.