Where to Start?

Hi.I am looking for help on where to start with working out.Been given some idea by friends that have worked with them when they work out,but not doing much with me. Problem is i have no equipment what so ever,not even 1 dumbbell.Can cardio help me out. Like squats,push ups,curls,crunchers etc

pick an established program on this site, they are proven to work. Some suggestions:


or look up the “do this routine instead of that dumb one” thread in the bodybuilding section.

Once youve decided on the program you would like to follow, work hard and eat healthy.

hm A couple of question before we can give you any help that will be be usefull for you.

  1. How old are you?

  2. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

  3. Whats your goal aka looks or strenght or both?

  4. Why cant you join a gym?

Before you answer this questions I can give you some general tips that are true regardless of goals etc.

  1. Aknowledges that it takes a long time to reach a great body or level of strenght or both. Meaning that consistency in training and proper eating for years actually is what will give you results.

  2. Regardless of your goal you must have a diet that supports your goal, meaning that if your goal is more muscle mass and strenght you must eat more calories than you use trough out the day and most of those calories must come from a rather large protion of protein, complex carbs and good fats( think fish oil, olive oil, advocado etc ). If however your goal is weightloss you must be eat less calories than you burn trough out the day, but as above those calories must still come from good sources of protein, carbs and fat.

  3. Train according to your goal, your ability to recover and your level of experience with training.
    If you want to look like a bodybuilder as an example you should probably find a begginer routine aimed for that. If you however want to become a powerlifter, you find yourself a begginer routine aimed at that. etc.

  4. Stay injury free.
    To avoid getting injured, learn proper lifting form on every lift you use and dont go balls out before you are able to nail good form. Also its important that your routine has balance, meaning that you should not neglect bodyparts. Also read up on prehab drills etc.

Hope that was helpfull, but if you answer those questions I listed above it will be easyer to help you.

best regards from florelius.

  1. 26years

  2. 5’3 90kgs

  3. Both

  4. Where i live there are no gyms

Used to weigh 105kgs 4months ago,been on strict diet and still am

really appreciate the help. Thank you

Thanks Chris87. Been going through the suggestions,will pick one and go through with it

[quote]Podge26 wrote:

  1. 26years

  2. 5’3 90kgs

  3. Both

  4. Where i live there are no gyms

Used to weigh 105kgs 4months ago,been on strict diet and still am

really appreciate the help. Thank you[/quote]

First off I will say congrats on that 15kg weight loss so far and I understand that your first goal is to loose some weight, well in that regard I think that your limited homeworkout solution aint that bad, just give those bw excercises all you got frequently while you keep on sticking to your strict diet. But if and when your goal is musclemass and strenght, you must probably get your hands on some weights, dumbells and a bar and start lifting weights( either at home or find a gym ) and then the programs chris mentioned would be great alternatives, but they are programs based on weights, so aslong as you dont have weights, those programs are useless for you.

Good luck man :slight_smile:

Will start looking around to get some euipment. Thanks again

[quote]Podge26 wrote:
Will start looking around to get some euipment. Thanks again


Thats great podge :slight_smile:

Weights aren’t just iron. Buckets filled with water or sand is a possible solution. Chains are also readily available and frequently cheaper per pound than traditional weights.

Thanks EndersDrift2. Will look around my work place and at home.

Would tyre and sledge hammer help

There are a lot of body weight exercises that you could be doing RIGHT NOW all of which would be a step in the right direction, a solid workout could be built around :

Press ups, start with standard and build up through : decline,paused,weighted and ultimately 1 arm.
Dips : in between 2 chairs ,again can be progressed ie weight in lap eg books.
Pullups/chin ups : ok you might need a pull up bar but there is often stuff that you can pull up onto–my example is that i set a simple pull up bar between 2 trees !!.
Squats…body weight at first and then grab something heavy or load up a rucksack and continue !.

Coach Dan john says this :
Pick weight up off the ground
Put weight overhead
Carry weight around.

Nowhere does he say that it has to be posh training kit, as our man above says weight can be buckets of water, ditto jerrycans, rocks …literally anything laying around.