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Where to Start?


Okay so i have been powerlifting for about two years now. and i really want to get into strongman. i just dont know where to start. should i be training a little while before i enter competitions? where do i find competitions? i live in MO btw. i am 19 years old 6,2 and weigh 345 pounds. now i know thats really heavy but my BF % is 24... not good i know. but that weight i think it could be allot worse. i played football in highschool so i was considering incorporating some agilieties to get in better shape. any help would be appreciated! my best lifts are as follows.
( all raw)
Bench 500

squat 600

deadlift 595

overhead press 235 for 8 reps


I recommend that you go to the NAS site and find a contest then enter. You do not necessarily need to train with implements prior to competing, especially if you have strong gym strength and are fairly athletic.

There are contests and training groups in Missouri, and if you do not see anything you can always contact the State Chairman via the NAS site.

With regard to training I wrote an article called "Creating an Effective Strongman Routine" that you may want to check out (my name is Tom Mutaffis). I cannot post it here but you can Google it.


Thank you for your help. i will do that.


You're welcome.

Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions with regard to training/competing.


okay will do. thanks again


There is a comp coming up in February in KC area. And you should check out the WAR house in st. louis. Tom's article is great on routines and it certainly helps to have a fair level of conditioning for strongman. Good luck.


Yeah i have the form for the one in KC. just hope i can get someone to drive down there with me lol. And as for conditioning ive been doing wind sprits and hills, on my non training days. And i will defiantly check out the WAR house! And thank you.


You should definitely go to the competition in February. First of all, don't worry about having someone to ride out with you. Everyone there will be awesome and you'll meet people there. Second, the events are unannounced, so it's perfect for someone that doesn't have access to training equipment. No one is going to have trained the events much.


@ BigAlSwede.
I plan on it. I hope to meet some people, who can kinda show me the ropes. And ya that will be good for me. right now i am doing Toms Powerlifter/ Strongman routine. So i think this should help me get ready.

(powerlifter / strongman):
Monday: back & cardio (chins, rows, low intensity cardio / abs)
Tuesday: bench work (bench, triceps)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: squats (squats, glute-hamstring raises/rev hyper)
Friday: rest / active recovery*
Saturday: rest / active recovery*
Sunday: events training (4 events, usually including a deadlift variation)


i would just dive in and do a contest, guys in strongman are some of the most helpful, friendly people, the sport needs to grow and it is because of this. You are fortunate enough to live in MO where the Wessels live, Willie and Dionne are 2 of the coolest people and extremely helpful and encouraging.


TOns of resources here