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Where to Start?

Just jumped back into/attempting heavy lifts after a few years off. Still lifted- more fitness style lifting.

All raw.

I have become interested in strongman syle lifts, not to for competition but for my own personal goals. I am nearing the big 40 so the recovery is a little slower these days.

Currently I am hitting he wieghts three times a week, with a major lift on each with a few aux exercises throw in after. Not real program more a guide. Lift till I cannot lift anymore.

I am after advice on what I should be lifting and how often?

I plan to cast some stones, and already have a few kegs ready to fill with water.

Any guidance or experiences that i can learn from will be greatly appreciated.

I’m running 5/3/1 and on one of my lower body days I do events that mimic my meet (I’m currently 3 weeks out from a show). During the year I’ll just run 5/3/1 with extra grip work and some keg work on conditioning days. Getting a big deadlift + a big overhead press will help you a lot. If possible try to make/get a log because there’s no replacement for it. Train with pro’s who know their stuff. Use google. Done.